Wild hearts // Fun loving // Real moments // Your tribe // Great vibes // No bull…

Two becoming one, for the better.

Your wedding day is just that – yours – and I want to showcase what sets you apart, with all your quirks, oddball moments, beauty and charm on display, in the most honest and creative way possible.

I truly believe that it’s the people, your people, that are the most important detail on your wedding day and I’m interested in keeping the focus on your tribe and the relationships that surround you.

While up for taking intimate images of adventurous couples in gorgeous locations, I prefer that they interact authentically with each other, rather than myself, and I’m more than happy to take the lead from enthusiastic couples who incorporate their personalities into their weddings and aren’t afraid to be themselves OR guide those who feel a little less confident – I shoot to a couples personality, not a rigid format for everyone.

I’m ready to sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to and apart from the love of capturing an awesome image, it’s my genuine personality and work ethic that pulls it all together.

…Tell us your story.

Two Creeks Wedding Photography
Two Creeks Wedding Photography


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