Manuel Vicente Photography, is Manuel Vicente from Barcelona and Benjamin Coburn from Sydney.

We are a boutique photojournalist styled photography and design studio based in the Southern Highlands and Sydney. With over 15 years’ experience, our talent, our charm and our fine attention to detail, we offer our clients a timeless photographic journey capturing their day and recorded in high couture European individually designed albums.

We love to tell a story, and as each couple is different, our goal is understanding your story in order to capture every moment as it happened; the scenery, the people, and most importantly, the emotion. For us a good picture is one which has the power of transporting you each time you open your album, making you re-live the time, the moment and the place, taking you back on a journey to your special day.

With regards to photography, our unobtrusive photojournalist working style; and our ability to feel and record an event, has enchanted many couples in both Europe and Australia. We believe in being with you from the start to the finish, to truly capture your day. As well, our warm personality, charm and dedication to understand your needs, leaves you with the peace of mind to focus on your day, your family and your friends.

Come to meet with us and let us enchant you.
Manuel and Benjamin

Manuel Vicente Photography
Manuel Vicente Photography


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