Your Wedding Should be the Most Stressful Incredible Day of Your Life

Full of big hugs, unforgettable moments of bliss, shrieking laughter, copious amounts of food, booze and being surrounded by the most awesome people in your life. 

Not stiff awkward poses, stressful moments or anything unnatural that’s just not who you are.

I completely get it, I’ve been in your shoes.
I know how important this day is and what it means to you.

That’s why I focus on delivering a calm and relaxed story telling approach to make you feel completely at home and maximise the joy on the biggest day of your life.

So go on. Take a deep breath.
Savour every moment.
Pour another drink.
Hug everyone that came to celebrate with you.
Seize the day.
Party like there’s no tomorrow.

And I promise, I’ll take care of the rest.

Images by Kevin
Images by Kevin



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