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Hugo Photography is based in Carlingford, North West Sydney area. Hugo Chen, the owner and main photographer of Hugo Photography, is AIPP (The Australian Institute of Professional Photography) Accredited Professional Photographer 2012-2015.

I am a sensitive soul, am easily hurt and cry at almost anything. (Wow I sound like a tonne of fun, don’t I?) I guess the good thing is I also laugh at almost anything! I am pretty easy going – but I am somewhat of a perfectionist most of the time.

Reason why I love photography: I love capturing those moments that might have otherwise been missed by most people. I love seeing tears and hearing laughter at a wedding, then producing a set of images that lets the couple relive those moments forever. I almost always cry when I see a bride – for most people that moment walking down the isle only comes once and it is a special one. I love photographing babies and their first giggles, first teeth and those first wobbly steps. A great photograph does speak louder than any set of words and I hope in the years to come I can create some breathtaking images.

The best way to choose a photographer is to have a good look at their work… yes go on have a look… do you love it? Then I may be the photographer for you! Get in touch!

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