Deluxe Portable Toilet Hire
Sydney Bathroom Hire are proud to announce the latest in toilet hire Sydney. With the release of our new and exciting Dual Deluxe Toilets. The Dual Deluxe Toilets are a Male and Female luxury portable bathroom with a dividing wall between the toilets for privacy. Each cubical comes with it’s own state of the art dual flush toilet with concealed cistern, unique porcelain hand basin with push button water saver tap ware, glass mirror, pump action hand soap dispenser, hand paper towel dispenser, ceaserstone shelf behind the toilet, small skylight and lockable entrance door.

Deluxe Mobile Bathroom
Sydney Bathroom Hire now has bathrooms for hire. Our Bathroom On Wheels®, Ensuite on Wheels®, Bathrooms on Tow or Mobile Bathrooms as some people call them are by far the most luxurious and well appointed mobile bathrooms in Australia. Extensive research and development has been done on the design and production of these luxury portable bathrooms. Our clients are amazed at how easy they are to set up and how spacious and personalized they are to use. Some people refer to our bathrooms as portable home bathrooms because they are just as good, if not better than your existing bathroom/ensuite before you renovate.

Our toilet and bathroom solutions are perfect for wedding receptions, engagement parties, extra guests, functions, parties, and more – the list is endless.

Sydney Bathroom Hire
Sydney Bathroom Hire

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