Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of the big day and I love helping couples to make their day special.  I am a professional celebrant and have been performing weddings for over 15 years.

I will make sure that you have a relaxing and an enjoyable day. Ensuring that your ceremony runs well and that all your guests have a good time and  enjoy themselves too. As well, I will help you complete and I will file all necessary legal paperwork.

I will make your ceremony heartfelt, intimate and memorable. Your ceremony should be a wonderful memory just the same as the photographs that are taken on the day.  

Let me tell your story. I will help you create the ceremony, help you script what you will say, help you choose what you will hear and help you make that special promise to each other on the day.

Every ceremony I do is individually crafted and I make sure that everything goes well. I am proficient at ensuring that nothing goes wrong too, leading up to the wedding, during the ceremony and also after.

I want couples to be comfortable with me and so I offer a no obligation first visit, at somewhere close and convenient to you, and I will leave you with a ceremony kit which will help you vision your ceremony.

Mario Anders
Mario Anders



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