Gastronomy, the art and science of food

A thrilling combination of textures and flavours, including deft Asian as well as European technique … clearly the best in the day Good Living, The Sydney Morning Herald
Miccal Cummins and his team bring together their wide experience of restaurants, catering and the culinary arts to ensure you have the most beautiful, most memorable food. The awards we win every year such as Venue Caterer of the Year, Boardroom caterer of the year and Service Business of the Year are underpinned by Gastronomy’s vision of quality and creativity. Our chefs and our food have been profiled by Vogue, Good Living, In Style, Belle, Bride to Be and Modern Wedding. In addition, gastronomy’s reputation as a training ground for hospitality’s future leaders grows by the year. What you are looking for is a stunning venue, gorgeous food and warm efficient service – that’s what we offer. The Museum of Contemporary Art, Lindesay House, The Gap Bluff, The Botanic Gardens and so many gorgeous, gorgeous lawns, marquees and locations.


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