Luxurious and bespoke statement wedding cakes for when it has to be special

Launched in 2018, Bisou Cakes has been creating intricate yet modern and contemporary wedding cakes handcrafted to please the eye and satisfy the palate. Each uniquely designed cake will be a luxurious and attractive addition that captivates, making it a striking centrepiece on your wedding day.

About me

I specialise in creating artistic and luxurious wedding cakes decorated with sugar flowers. I love spending hours handcrafting sugar petals, shaping, and dusting them with colours, and finally harnessing them into beautiful and unique blooms. It is my dream to continue creating wedding cakes that convey the couple’s love story, captivate their guests, taste truly amazing and provide a perfect centerpiece on their special day.

Bisou Cakes
Bisou Cakes


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