Belle Bakes creates custom cakes and desserts for all occasions. Shelley (Belle) has been creating wedding, birthday and occasion cakes for 10+ years and would love to make a cake for your next event.

Shelley the owner of Belle Bakes, has a background as an events manager and has always loved that cakes and weddings evokes happiness! Hence, why she took the leap to create what is now a very successful cake business in Sydney. 

Each cake and dessert is designed and tailored to suit your budget and style. Cake specialties include: buttercream cakes, ganache cakes and fondant cakes. Desserts include donuts, cookies, macarons and cupcakes. 

Belle Bakes can also cater to any dietary requirement, which has become a popular request for wedding guests. Dietaries including:

  • Vegan wedding cakes
  • Gluten free wedding cakes
  • Dairy free wedding cakes.
Belle Bakes
Belle Bakes


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