240 Churches Available for Weddings in Sydney and Country New South Wales

240 Churches Available for Weddings in Sydney and Country New South Wales

We’ve made it easy to plan your perfect church wedding. Whether you’re looking for one in Sydney, or in a picturesque country town, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect church for your wedding ceremony on Wedding NSW.

Baptist Church Waratah Street, KATOOMBABaptist Church Katoomba-Contact Us Waratah Street, KATOOMBA NSW 2780 (02) 4782 2906 Continue Reading
Holy Rosary Catholic ChurchHoly Rosary Catholic Church Watson-Contact Us Phillip Avenue, WATSON ACT 2602 Continue Reading
Holy Cross Anglican ChurchHoly Cross Anglican Church Watson-Contact Us Phillip Avenue, WATSON ACT 2602 (02) 6248 5327 Continue Reading
St Margaret's Uniting ChurchSt Margaret’s Uniting Church-Contact Us Phillip Avenue, WATSON ACT 2602 Continue Reading
St John the Baptist Anglican ChurchSt John the Baptist Anglican Church Reid-Contact Us REID ACT 2601 (02) 6248 8399 Continue Reading
Uniting Church ReidUniting Church Reid-Contact Us Dirawan Gardens, REID ACT 2601 (02) 6242 6063 Continue Reading
Uniting Church ReidSt Peter’s Lutheran Church Reid-Contact Us Ballumbir Street, REID ACT 2601 (02) 6248 0064 Continue Reading
St Christopher's Catholic CathedralSt Christopher’s Catholic Cathedral-Contact Us Furneaux Street, MANUKA ACT 2603 (02) 6295 9555 Continue Reading
St Andrew's Presbyterian ChurchSt Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Forrest-Contact Us Church Street, FORREST ACT 2603 (02) 6295 3457 Continue Reading
St Bridid's Catholic ChurchSt Bridid’s Catholic Church-Contact Us 2 Bancroft Street, DICKSON ACT 2602 (02) 6248 5472 Continue Reading
St Patrick’s Catholic ChurchSt Patrick’s Catholic Church Braddon-Contact Us corner of Donaldson & Ballumbir Streets, BRADDON ACT 2601 (02) 6248 5472 Continue Reading
St Columba's Uniting ChurchSt Columba’s Uniting Church-Contact Us Fawkner Street, BRADDON ACT 2601 Continue Reading
Church of Christ CanberraChurch of Christ Canberra-Contact Us corner of Grimes & Limestone Avenues, AINSLIE ACT 2602 Continue Reading
Wesley Uniting Church CanberraWesley Uniting Church Canberra-Contact Us Fitzroy Street, CANBERRA ACT 2601 (02) 6295 3680 Continue Reading
Canberra City Uniting ChurchCanberra City Uniting Church-Contact Us corner Northbourne Avenue & Rudd Street, CANBERRA ACT 2601 Continue Reading
St Mary's Catholic ChurchSt Mary’s Catholic Church Young-Contact Us Campbell Street, YOUNG NSW 2594 (02) 6382 2222 Continue Reading
Uniting Church YoungUniting Church Young-Contact Us YOUNG NSW 2594 (02) 6382 5933 Continue Reading
St John the Evangelist Anglican ChurchSt John the Evangelist Anglican Church Young-Contact Us Cloete Street, YOUNG NSW 2594 (02) 6382 1811 Continue Reading
St Joseph's Catholic ChurchSt Joseph’s Catholic Church Junee-Contact Us Kitchener Street, JUNEE NSW 2633 (02) 6924 1030 Continue Reading
St Andrew's Presbyterian ChurchSt Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Junee-Contact Us corner Denison & Lisgar Streets, JUNEE NSW 2663 Continue Reading
St Luke's Anglican ChurchSt Luke’s Anglican Church-Contact Us Denison Street, JUNEE NSW 2663 (02) 6924 2458 Continue Reading
St Mary's Catholic ChurchSt Mary’s Catholic Church Holbrook-Contact Us Albury Street, HOLBROOK NSW 2644 (02) 6036 2436 Continue Reading
Uniting Church HolbrookUniting Church Holbrook-Contact Us 1 Hume Street, HOLBROOK NSW 2644 (02) 6036 2023 Continue Reading
St Patrick's Catholic ChurchSt Patrick’s Catholic Church Gundagai-Contact Us Homer Street, GUNDAGAI NSW 2722 (02) 6944 1029 Continue Reading
St John's Anglican ChurchSt John’s Anglican Church Gundagai-Contact Us Otway Street, GUNDAGAI NSW 2722 (02) 6944 1063 Continue Reading
Uniting Church CootamundraUniting Church Cootamundra-Contact Us 24 Cooper Street, COOTAMUNDRA NSW 2590 0439 191 396 www.cootamundra.unitingchurch.org.au Continue Reading
Anglican Church CootamundraAnglican Church Cootamundra-Contact Us Bourke Street, COOTAMUNDRA NSW 2590 (02) 6942 2546 Continue Reading
Sacred Heart Catholic ChurchSacred Heart Catholic Church Cootamundra-Contact Us Morris Street, COOTAMUNDRA NSW 2590 (02) 6942 2514 Continue Reading
St Raphael's CatholicSt Raphael’s Catholic-Contact Us Lachlan Street, COWRA NSW 2794 (02) 6342 1369 Continue Reading
Uniting Church CowraSt Peter’s Presbyterian Church Cowra-Contact Us McQuarrie Street, COWRA NSW 2794 (02) 6342 1467 Continue Reading
St John's Anglican ChurchSt John’s Anglican Church Cowra-Contact Us Main Road, COWRA NSW 2794 (02) 6342 4600 Continue Reading
Uniting Church CowraUniting Church Cowra-Contact Us Main Road, COWRA NSW 2794 (02) 6342 1323 Continue Reading
Saint Lawrences ManduramaSaint Lawrences Mandurama-Contact Us Main Road, MANDURAMA NSW 2792 (02) 6368 2387 Continue Reading
St James CatholicSt James Catholic Blayney-Contact Us BLAYNEY NSW 2799 (02) 6368 2387 Continue Reading
St Paul's PresbyterianSt Paul’s Presbyterian Blayney-Contact Us BLAYNEY NSW 2799 (02) 6368 2432 Continue Reading
Uniting Church BlayneyUniting Church Blayney-Contact Us BLAYNEY NSW 2799 (02) 6368 2598 Continue Reading
Christ Church (Anglican) BlayneyChrist Church (Anglican) Blayney-Contact Us BLAYNEY NSW 2799 (02) 6368 2065 Continue Reading
Uniting Church WoodfordUniting Church Woodford-Contact Us Great Western Highway, WOODFORD NSW 2778 (02) 4758 6475 Continue Reading
Presbyterian Church WoodfordPresbyterian Church Woodford-Contact Us Great Western Highway, WOODFORD NSW 2778 (02) 4721 8592 Continue Reading
St Francis Xavier Catholic ChurchSt Francis Xavier Catholic Church-Contact Us Day Street, WENTWORTH FALLS NSW 2782 (02) 4782 1415 Continue Reading
Holy Trinity Anglican ChurchHoly Trinity Anglican Church Wentworth Falls-Contact Us Armstrong Street, WENTWORTH FALLS NSW 2782 (02) 4757 1516 Continue Reading
St Andrews Presbyterian ChurchSt Andrews Presbyterian Church Wentworth Falls-Contact Us Falls Road, WENTWORTH FALLS NSW 2782 (02) 4784 1255 Continue Reading
St Albans Anglican ChurchSt Albans Anglican Church Leura-Contact Us Megalong Street, LEURA NSW 2780 (02) 4782 4503 Continue Reading
Uniting Church LeuraUniting Church Leura-Contact Us corner Megalong & Grose Streets, LEURA NSW 2780 (02) 4782 2603 Continue Reading
St Bonaventures Catholic ChurchSt Bonaventures Catholic Church-Contact Us Railway Parade, LEURA NSW 2780 (02) 4782 2804 Continue Reading
Uniting Church LeuraThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Leura-Contact Us 115 Railway Parade, LEURA NSW 2780 (02) 4784 2373 Continue Reading
Emmanuel Anglican ChurchEmmanuel Anglican Church-Contact Us 11 Honour Avenue, LAWSON NSW 2783 (02) 4759 1024 Continue Reading
Baptist Church LawsonBaptist Church Lawson-Contact Us corner Orient Street & the Great Western Highway, LAWSON NSW 2783 (02) 4759 1230 Continue Reading
Our Lady of the Nativity Catholic ChurchOur Lady of the Nativity Catholic Church-Contact Us Great Western Highway, LAWSON NSW 2783 (02) 4759 1034 Continue Reading
Mary MacKillop Parish, St Canice ChurchMary MacKillop Parish, St Canice Church-Contact Us Katoomba Street, KATOOMBA NSW 2780 (02) 4782 2804 Continue Reading
Uniting Church KatoombaUniting Church Katoomba-Contact Us Katoomba Street, KATOOMBA NSW 2780 (02) 4782 2603 Continue Reading
Saint Hilda's Anglican ChurchSaint Hilda’s Anglican Church-Contact Us Katoomba Street, KATOOMBA NSW 2780 (02) 4782 1608 Continue Reading
Uniting Church HazelbrookUniting Church Hazelbrook-Contact Us corner Rosedale Avenue & the Great Western Highway, HAZELBROOK NSW 2779 (02) 4758 6475 Continue Reading
St Andrew's Uniting ChurchSt Andrew’s Uniting Church Yass-Contact Us YASS NSW 2582 (02) 6226 1132 Continue Reading
Mt Carmel Catholic ChurchMt Carmel Catholic Church-Contact Us YASS NSW 2582 (02) 6226 1086 Continue Reading
St Augustine's Catholic ChurchSt Augustine’s Catholic Church-Contact Us YASS NSW 2582 (02) 6226 1089 Continue Reading
St Clement's Anglican ChurchSt Clement’s Anglican Church-Contact Us corner of Rossi & Church Streets, YASS NSW 2582 (02) 6226 1089 Continue Reading
St Nicholas Anglican ChurchSt Nicholas Anglican Church Goulburn-Contact Us 17 Kinghorne Street, GOULBURN NSW 2580 (02) 4822 1136 Continue Reading
Our Lady of FatimaOur Lady of Fatima-Contact Us 101 Lagoon Street, GOULBURN NSW 2580 (02) 4821 1719 Continue Reading
St Andrews Presbyterian ChurchSt Andrews Presbyterian Church Goulburn-Contact Us Clifford Street, GOULBURN NSW 2580 (02) 4822 2344 (02) 4822 2300 Continue Reading
St Peter & Paul CathedralSt Peter & Paul Cathedral-Contact Us corner Bourke & Verner Streets, GOULBURN NSW 2580 (02) 4821 1022 Continue Reading
Baptist Church,Baptist Church Goulburn-Contact Us Bourke Street, GOULBURN NSW 2580 (02) 4821 7648 Continue Reading
St Saviours Cathedral Anglican ChurchSt Saviours Cathedral Anglican Church-Contact Us Bourke Street, GOULBURN NSW 2580 (02) 4821 2206 Continue Reading
Uniting Church GoulburnUniting Church Goulburn-Contact Us corner Goldsmith & Bourke Streets, GOULBURN NSW 2580 (02) 4821 7573 Continue Reading
All Saints Woodville - Non Denominational, Hunter ValleyAll Saints Woodville-Contact Us Non Denominational, Hunter Valley 235 Clarencetown Road, WOODVILLE NSW 2321 (02) 4930 6862 Continue Reading
Saint Michael the ArchangelSaint Michael the Archangel-Contact Us Wollombi Road, WOLLOMBI NSW 2325 0417 436 279 www.saintmichaels.org.au Continue Reading
St Patrick's Non Denominational ChurchSt Patrick’s Non Denominational Church-Contact Us NULKABA NSW 2325 (02) 4991 2555 Continue Reading
St John VianneySt John Vianney-Contact Us 60 Yambo Street, MORISSET NSW 2264 (02) 4973 6859 morparish@mn.catholic.org.au www.vianneymorisset.org.au Continue Reading
Morisset Uniting ChurchMorisset Uniting Church-Contact Us corner Kahibah & Awaba Streets, MORISSET NSW 2264 (02) 4973 5554 robhanks@bigpond.net.au http://morisset.unitingchurch.org.au/ Continue Reading
St Patrick & BrigidSt Patrick & Brigid-Contact Us 6 Martinsville Road, COORANBONG NSW 2265 (02) 4973 6859 morparish@mn.catholic.org.au www.vianneymorisset.org.au Continue Reading
Baptist ChurchBaptist Church Cessnock-Contact Us Hall Street, CESSNOCK NSW 2325 (02) 4938 3950 Continue Reading
Presbyterian ChurchPresbyterian Church Cessnock-Contact Us corner King & Cooper Streets, CESSNOCK NSW 2325 (02) 4991 5000 Continue Reading
Uniting Church CessnockUniting Church Cessnock-Contact Us 24 Cumberland Street, CESSNOCK NSW 2325 (02) 4990 1107 Continue Reading
St Joseph's Catholic ChurchSt Joseph’s Catholic Church Cessnock-Contact Us Cumberland Street, CESSNOCK NSW 2325 (02) 4990 1551 Continue Reading
St John's Anglican ChurchSt John’s Anglican Church Cessnock-Contact Us 8 Westcott Street, CESSNOCK NSW 2325 (02) 4991 4761 Continue Reading
Congregational ChurchCongregational Church-Contact Us 71 Wollombi Road, CESSNOCK NSW 2325 (02) 4991 1519 Continue Reading
Seventh Day Adventist ChurchSeventh Day Adventist Church Cessnock-Contact Us Maitland Road, CESSNOCK NSW 2325 (02) 4977 1953 Continue Reading
Holy Cross Catholic ChurchHoly Cross Catholic Church Kincumber South-Contact Us Humphreys Road, KINCUMBER SOUTH NSW 2256 (02) 4369 1211 kinpar@hotkey.net.au Continue Reading
St Paul's Anglican ChurchSt Paul’s Anglican Church Kincumber-Contact Us Avoca Drive, KINCUMBER NSW 2251 (02) 4369 1204 Continue Reading
St. John’s Anglican CathedralSt John’s Anglican Cathedral Parramatta-Contact Us corner Church & Hunter Streets, PARRAMATTA NSW 2124 (02) 9635 5904 weddings@stjohnscathedral.org.au www.stjohnscathedral.org.au Continue Reading
St Ioannis Greek Orthodox ChurchSt Ioannis Greek Orthodox Church-Contact Us 11 Hassall Street, PARRAMATTA NSW 2150 (02) 9630 2906 Continue Reading
All Saints Anglican ChurchAll Saints Anglican Church Parramatta North-Contact Us corner Victoria Road & Elizabeth Street, PARRAMATTA NORTH NSW 2150 (02) 9630 1567 www.parramattanorth.anglican.asn.au Continue Reading
St Nicholas Catholic ChurchSt Nicholas Catholic Church Penrith-Contact Us 326 High Street, PENRITH NSW 2750 (02) 4721 2509 Continue Reading
St Thomas Anglican ChurchThe Old St Thomas Chapel-Contact Us 1A Wilson Crescent, NARELLAN NSW 2567 (02) 4648 5680 chapel@handprint.net.au Continue Reading
St Thomas Anglican ChurchSt Thomas Anglican Church Mulgoa-Contact Us St Thomas Road, MULGOA NSW (02) 4774 2737 www.anglicanparishmulgoa.com.au Continue Reading
Warringah Church of Christ, non-denominational ChristianityWarringah Church of Christ-Contact Us Non-Denominational Christianity corner Park & Bennett Streets, CURL CURL NSW 2096 (02) 9938 6980 (02) 9939 7126 Continue Reading
Presbyterian Church ReformedPresbyterian Church Reformed-Contact Us 58 Fisher Road, DEE WHY NSW 2099 Continue Reading
Dee Why Tongan Seventh Day Adventist ChurchDee Why Tongan Seventh Day Adventist Church-Contact Us 7 Kingsway, DEE WHY NSW 2099 Continue Reading
St John's Anglican ChurchSt John’s Anglican Church Dee Why-Contact Us corner Oaks Avenue & Avon Road, DEE WHY NSW 2099 (02) 9971 8694 Continue Reading
Uniting Church Dee WhyUniting Church Dee Why-Contact Us corner Howard & Avon Streets, DEE WHY NSW 2099 (02) 9971 8168 Continue Reading
St Kevin's Catholic ChurchSt Kevin’s Catholic Church Dee Why-Contact Us 50 Oaks Avenue, DEE WHY NSW 2099 (02) 9982 6535 Continue Reading
First Church of Christ, ScientistFirst Church of Christ, Scientist-Contact Us 26 Howard Avenue, DEE WHY NSW 2099 (02) 9982 9736 Continue Reading
Baptist ChurchBaptist Church Dee Why-Contact Us 28 Fisher Road, DEE WHY NSW 2099 (02) 9971 5209 Continue Reading
Salvation Army ChurchSalvation Army Church-Contact Us 1 Fisher Road, DEE WHY NSW 2099 (02) 9971 8378 Continue Reading
St David's Uniting ChurchSt David’s Uniting Church Dee Why-Contact Us St David Avenue, DEE WHY NSW 2099 (02) 9971 7065 Continue Reading
St David's Anglican ChurchSt David’s Anglican Church Forestville-Contact Us 697 Warringah Road, FORESTVILLE NSW 2087 (02) 9451 5242 Continue Reading
Uniting Church ForestvilleUniting Church Forestville-Contact Us 9 Darley Street, FORESTVILLE NSW 2087 (02) 9451 6268 Continue Reading
Narraweena Baptist ChurchNarraweena Baptist Church-Contact Us Greenwood Avenue, NARRAWEENA NSW 2099 (02) 9971 7970 Continue Reading
St John the Apostle Catholic ChurchSt John the Apostle Catholic Church-Contact Us 57 Waratah Parade, NARRAWEENA NSW 2099 (02) 9971 8569 Continue Reading
St Kieran’s ChurchSt Kieran’s Church-Contact Us 349 Condamine, MANLY VALE NSW 2093 (02) 9949 4455 parishoffice@northharbourcatholic.org.au Continue Reading
St Andrews Presbyterian ChurchSt Andrews Presbyterian Church Manly-Contact Us Raglan Street, MANLY NSW 2095 (02) 9976 2801 Continue Reading
St Cecilia’s ChurchSt Cecilia’s Church-Contact Us corner Wanganella & White Streets, BALGOWLAH NSW 2093 (02) 4455 2093 parishoffice@northharbourcatholic.org.au Continue Reading
Holy Trinity Anglican ChurchHoly Trinity Anglican Church Beacon Hill-Contact Us corner Oxford Falls & Tristram Roads, BEACON HILL NSW 2100 (02) 9972 1082 Continue Reading
St Andrew's Presbyterian ChurchSt Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Beacon Hill-Contact Us 244 Warringah Road, BEACON HILL NSW 2100 (02) 9451 5076 Continue Reading
Uniting Church WindsorUniting Church Windsor-Contact Us Macquarie Street, WINDSOR NSW 2756 (02) 4587 8472 Continue Reading
St Matthews Catholic ChurchSt Matthews Catholic Church Windsor-Contact Us 12 Tebbutt Street, WINDSOR NSW 2756 (02) 4577 3073 Continue Reading
St Matthew's Anglican ChurchSt Matthew’s Anglican Church Windsor-Foundation stone was laid by Governor Lachlan Macquarie, 11-10-1817. Contact Us Moses Street, WINDSOR NSW 2756 (08) 4577 3193 Continue Reading
St Andrews Uniting ChurchSt Andrews Uniting Church Richmond-Church built in 1845. Contact Us West Market Street, RICHMOND NSW 2753 (02) 4578 3820 Office (02) 4578 3421 Minister Continue Reading
St Monicas Catholic ChurchSt Monicas Catholic Church-Contact Us 1a Bourke Street, RICHMOND NSW 5033 (02) 4578 1410 Continue Reading
Ebenezer ChurchEbenezer Church-Ebenezer Church was built in 1809. It is the oldest existing church in Australia. Contact Us Coromandel Road, EBENEZER NSW 2756 (02) 4572 3153 www.ebenezerchurch.org.au Continue Reading
Castlereagh ChapelCastlereagh Chapel-Site of the first Wesleyan Chapel built in Australia, 1817. Accommodation available in cabins on Church site. Contact Us 297-305 Old Castlereagh Road, CASTLEREAGH NSW 2749 (02) 4578 3817 (02) 9629 5756 Continue Reading
St Matthews Anglican ChurchSt Matthews Anglican Church West Pennant Hills-Contact Us corner New Line & Castle Hill Roads, WEST PENNANT HILLS NSW 2125 (02) 9484 2937 Continue Reading
St Madeleine Sophie Catholic ChurchSt Madeleine Sophie Catholic Church-Contact Us 28 Annangrove Road, KENTHURST NSW 2156 (02) 9654 2260 Continue Reading
Kenthurst Uniting ChurchKenthurst Uniting Church-Contact Us corner of Jones & Kenthurst Roads, KENTHURST NSW 2156 (02) 9654 2180 www.kenthurstuniting.org.au Continue Reading
Galston Uniting ChurchGalston Uniting Church-Contact Us 11 School Road, GALSTON NSW 2159 (02) 9653 2182 Continue Reading
Seventh Day Adventist ChurchSeventh Day Adventist Church Galston-Contact Us Arcadia Road, GALSTON NSW 2159 (02) 9653 2537 Continue Reading
St JudesSt Judes Dural-Foundation stone laid Nov 11th, 1846 by Rt Rev W.G. Broughton - First Bishop of Australia. Contact Us 965 Old Northern Road, DURAL NSW 2158 (02) 9651 1119 Continue Reading
St Bernadettes Catholic ChurchSt Bernadettes Catholic Church-Contact Us 367 Old Northern Road, CASTLE HILL NSW 2154 (02) 9634 2622 Continue Reading
Wesley Uniting ChurchWesley Uniting Church-Contact Us 32 Showground Road, CASTLE HILL NSW 2154 (02) 9894 8999 www.wesleycastlehill.org.au Continue Reading
St Paul's Anglican ChurchSt Paul’s Anglican Church Castle Hill-Contact Us 421 Old Northern Road, CASTLE HILL NSW 2154 (02) 8858 1111 info@stpaulscastlehill.org.au www.stpaulscastlehill.org.au Continue Reading
Seventh Day Adventist Church CentreSeventh Day Adventist Church Centre Castle Hill-Contact Us Cecil Avenue, CASTLE HILL NSW 2154 (02) 9899 1609 Continue Reading
The Chapel at Hillsong ChurchThe Chapel at Hillsong Church-Contact Us 1-5 Solent Circuit, BAULKHAM HILLS NSW 2153 (02) 8853 5353 thechapel@hillsong.com www.hillsong.com/hills/chapel Continue Reading
Stanmore Baptist ChurchStanmore Baptist Church-Contact Us 140 Albany Road, STANMORE NSW 2048 (02) 9572 9389 stanmorebaptist@gmail.com www.stanmorebaptist.org.au/venue/venue.htm Continue Reading
St David's Uniting Church HaberfieldSt David’s Uniting Church Haberfield-Contact Us 51 Dalhousie Street, HABERFIELD NSW 2045 (02) 9798 3059 Continue Reading
Gerringong Uniting ChurchGerringong Uniting Church-Contact Us Fern Street, GERRINGONG NSW 2534 (02) 4234 1044 Continue Reading
Berry Uniting ChurchBerry Uniting Church-Contact Us 69 Albert Street, BERRY NSW 2535 (02) 4464 1034 Continue Reading
St Andrew's Catholic ChurchSt Andrew’s Catholic Church Malabar-Contact Us Prince Edward Street, MALABAR NSW 2036 (02) 9311 2062 Continue Reading
St Patrick's Catholic ChurchSt Patrick’s Catholic Church Kogarah-Contact Us 143 Princess Highway, KOGARAH NSW 2217 (02) 9587 5444 Continue Reading
Keiraview Uniting ChurchKeiraview Uniting Church-Contact Us Fisher Street, WEST WOLLONGONG NSW 2500 (02) 4228 9053 Continue Reading
Wollongong Mission Uniting ChurchWollongong Mission Uniting Church-Contact Us The Church on the Mall, WOLLONGONG NSW 2500 (02) 4229 2117 (02) 4229 2119 Continue Reading
Port Kembla Tongan ChurchPort Kembla Tongan Church-Contact Us 4 Fitzwilliam Street, PORT KEMBLA NSW 2507 (02) 4262 8046 0403 337 109 Continue Reading
Kiama Uniting ChurchKiama Uniting Church-Contact Us corner of Manning & Bong Bong Streets, KIAMA NSW 2533 (02) 4237 6007 kiamauc.notices@gmail.com http://kiama-jamberoo.unitingchurch.org.au/ Continue Reading
Jamberoo Uniting ChurchJamberoo Uniting Church-Contact Us corner of Wyalla & Macquarie Streets, JAMBEROO NSW 2533 (02) 4237 6007 kiamauc.notices@gmail.com http://kiama-jamberoo.unitingchurch.org.au/ Continue Reading
Corrimal Region Uniting ChurchCorrimal Region Uniting Church-Contact Us Russell Street, CORRIMAL NSW 2518 (02) 4284 3605 Continue Reading
Northern Illawarra Uniting ChurchNorthern Illawarra Uniting Church-Contact Us Corner Princes Highway & Point Street, BULLI NSW 2516 (02) 4268 2111 Continue Reading
Austinmer Uniting ChurchAustinmer Uniting Church-Contact Us 48 Moore Street, AUSTINMER NSW 2515 (02) 4268 0504 Continue Reading
St Aloysius Catholic ChurchSt Aloysius Catholic Church-Contact Us CRONULLA NSW 2230 (02) 9523 5215 Continue Reading
St Andrew's Anglican ChurchSt Andrew’s Anglican Church Cronulla-Contact Us CRONULLA NSW 2230 (02) 9523 5124 Continue Reading
St Paul's Anglican Church, CanterburySt Paul’s Anglican Church Canterbury-Contact Us 33 Church Street, CANTERBURY NSW 2193 (02) 9789 5991 stpaulsc@bigpond.net.au Continue Reading
All Saints' Anglican ChurchAll Saints’ Anglican Church Woollahra-Contact Us 85 Ocean Street, WOOLLAHRA NSW 2025 www.allsaintschurch.org.au Continue Reading
Holy Cross Catholic ChurchHoly Cross Catholic Church Woollahra-Contact Us 15 Adelaide Street, WOOLLAHRA NSW 2025 (02) 9389 3156 Continue Reading
Mary Immaculate Catholic ChurchMary Immaculate Catholic Church-Contact Us 45a Victoria Street, WAVERLEY NSW 2024 (02) 9369 9399 Continue Reading
St Peter's Anglican ChurchSt Peter’s Anglican Church Watson’s Bay-Contact Us 331 Old South Head Road, WATSON'S BAY NSW 2030 (02) 9337 6545 Continue Reading
Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic ChurchOur Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church-Contact Us Old South Head Road, WATSON'S BAY NSW 2030 (02) 9337 2033 Continue Reading
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic ChurchOur Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church-Contact Us 193 Avoca Street, RANDWICK NSW 2031 (02) 9399 6775 Continue Reading
St Jude's Anglican ChurchSt Jude’s Anglican Church Randwick-Contact Us 106 Avoca Street, RANDWICK NSW 2031 (02) 9399 9400 Continue Reading
Paddington Uniting ChurchPaddington Uniting Church-Contact Us Oxford Street (near Newcombe Street), PADDINGTON NSW 2021 (02) 9331 2923 www.paddingtonuca.org.au Continue Reading
St Matthias ChurchSt Matthias Church-Contact Us Oxford Street (near Jersey Road), PADDINGTON NSW 2021 (02) 9663 4231 www.matthias.org.au Continue Reading
St Martin's Anglican ChurchSt Martin’s Anglican Church Kensington-Contact Us Todman Avenue, KENSINGTON NSW 2033 (02) 9663 1538 Continue Reading
St Mark’s Anglican ChurchSt Mark’s Anglican Church Darling Point-Contact Us corner Darling Point Road & Greenoaks Avenue, DARLING POINT NSW 2027 (02) 9363 3657 office@stmarksdp.org www.stmarksdp.org Continue Reading
Sacred Heart CatholicSacred Heart Catholic Darlinghurst-Contact Us corner Oxford Street & Darlinghurst Road, DARLINGHURST NSW 2010 (02) 9331 2147 Continue Reading
St Mary’s Anglican ChurchSt Mary’s Anglican Church Bondi Junction-Contact Us 240 Birrell Street, BONDI JUNCTION NSW 2022 (02) 9389 3077 aleks@stmaryswaverley.org.au www.stmaryswaverley.org.au Continue Reading
St Patrick's CatholicSt Patrick’s Catholic Bondi-Contact Us corner Wellington Street & Bondi Road, BONDI NSW 2026 (02) 9365 1195 Continue Reading
St Stephens AnglicanSt Stephens Anglican Bellevue Hill-Contact Us Victoria Road (near Bellevue Park Road), BELLEVUE HILL NSW 2023 (02) 9389 9615 bellhill@bigpond.net.au Continue Reading
West Ryde Baptist ChurchWest Ryde Baptist Church-Contact Us 1038 Victoria Road, WEST RYDE NSW 2114 (02) 9858 3929 Continue Reading
Chinese & Australian Baptist ChurchChinese & Australian Baptist Church-Contact Us 235 Pennant Hills Road, THORNLEIGH NSW 2120 (02) 9484 3920 Continue Reading
Thornleigh Uniting ChurchThornleigh Uniting Church-Contact Us Pennant Hills Road, THORNLEIGH NSW 2120 (02) 9871 8918 (02) 9875 1844 Continue Reading
Thornleigh Seventh Day Adventist ChurchThornleigh Seventh Day Adventist Church-Contact Us 10 Yarrara Road, THORNLEIGH NSW 2120 (02) 9484 8523 Continue Reading
St George Maronite Catholic ChurchSt George Maronite Catholic Church-Contact Us corner Wells Street & Yarrara Road, THORNLEIGH NSW 2120 Continue Reading
St Anne's Anglican ChurchSt Anne’s Anglican Church-Office is located at 42 Church Street and is open Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm. Contact Us corner Victoria Road & Church Street, RYDE NSW 2112 (02) 9809 1322 stanne@enternet.com.au www.stannes.org.au/Weddings.html Continue Reading
Church of St Charles BorromeoChurch of St Charles Borromeo-Contact Us corner Victoria Road & Charles Street, RYDE NSW 2112 (02) 9807 2966 Continue Reading
St Agatha's Catholic ChurchSt Agatha’s Catholic Church-Contact Us 20 Boundary Road, PENNANT HILLS NSW 2120 (02) 9484 1427 Continue Reading
St Mark's Anglican ChurchSt Mark’s Anglican Church Pennant Hills-Contact Us corner Warne & Rosemount Avenues, PENNANT HILLS NSW 2120 (02) 9484 1889 Continue Reading
Pennant Hills Baptist ChurchPennant Hills Baptist Church-Contact Us corner Ramsay Road & Rosemount Avenue, PENNANT HILLS NSW 2120 (02) 9875 4653 Continue Reading
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day SaintsChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Normanhurst-Contact Us 94 Pennant Hills Road, NORMANHURST NSW 2076 (02) 9487 4105 Continue Reading
All Saints’ ChurchAll Saints Church Hunters Hill-Contact Us Corner Ambrose and Ferry Streets, HUNTERS HILL NSW 2110 0417 279 051 revmichael@aphh.com.au www.aphh.com.au Continue Reading
Hunters Hill Congregational ChurchHunters Hill Congregational Church-Contact Us 10 D'Aram Street, HUNTERS HILL NSW 2110 (02) 9817 2282 info@hunhillcongs.org Continue Reading
Church of ChristChurch of Christ Epping-Contact Us 31 Bridge Street, EPPING NSW 2121 (02) 9876 3370 Continue Reading
Baptist Church EppingBaptist Church Epping-Contact Us corner Ray & Carlingford Roads, EPPING NSW 2121 (02) 9869 1000 Continue Reading
Presbyterian ChurchPresbyterian Church Epping-Contact Us corner Bridge & Rawson Streets, EPPING NSW 2121 (02) 9876 1188 Continue Reading
St Alban Anglican ChurchSt Alban Anglican Church Epping-Contact Us 3 Pembroke Street, EPPING NSW 2121 (02) 9876 3362 Continue Reading
St Philip’s Anglican Church EastwoodSt Philip’s Anglican Church Eastwood-Contact Us corner Rutledge Street & Shaftesbury Road, EASTWOOD NSW 2122 (02) 9874 1610 Continue Reading
St Andrew's Uniting ChurchSt Andrew’s Uniting Church Eastwood-Contact Us corner Trelawney & Rutledge Streets, EASTWOOD NSW 2122 (02) 9404 7097 (02) 9874 2089 Continue Reading
Eastwood Baptist ChurchBaptist Church Eastwood-Contact Us 3 First Avenue, EASTWOOD NSW 2122 (02) 9874 1514 Continue Reading
Macquarie Presbyterian ChurchMacquarie Presbyterian Church-Contact Us corner Abulka & Herring Roads, EASTWOOD NSW 2122 (02) 9878 4202 Continue Reading
Eastwood Uniting ChurchEastwood Uniting Church-Contact Us 16 Lakeside Road, EASTWOOD NSW 2122 (02) 9858 5732 Continue Reading
St Kevin's Catholic ChurchSt Kevin’s Catholic Church Eastwood-Contact Us 36 Hillview Road, EASTWOOD NSW 2122 (02) 9874 2533 Continue Reading
St Dunstan's Anglican ChurchSt Dunstan’s Anglican Church-Contact Us 112 Lovell Road, DENISTONE EAST NSW 2112 (02) 9878 3188 Continue Reading
St Therese Catholic ChurchSt Therese Catholic Church-Contact Us 8 Inkerman Road, DENISTONE EAST NSW 2112 (02) 9809 2925 Continue Reading
Korean Rainbow Presbyterian ChurchKorean Rainbow Presbyterian Church-Contact Us Marsden Road, CARLINGFORD NSW 2118 (02) 9634 5168 Continue Reading
Baptist ChurchBaptist Church Carlingford-Contact Us corner Alamein Avenue & Pennant Hills Road, CARLINGFORD NSW 2118 (02) 9872 3022 Continue Reading
Uniting Church CarlingfordUniting Church Carlingford-Contact Us 203 Marsden Road, CARLINGFORD NSW 2118 0419 432 490 revjan@tpg.com.au Continue Reading
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Sydney TempleChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Sydney Temple-Contact Us corner Moseley Street & Pennant Hills Road, CARLINGFORD NSW 2118 (02) 9841 5471 Continue Reading
Uniting Church CherrybrookUniting Church Cherrybrook-Contact Us 134 New Line Road, CHERRYBROOK NSW 2126 (02) 9875 5269 Continue Reading
St. Bernards Catholic ChurchSt Bernards Catholic Church-Contact Us 7 Warrina Road, BEROWRA HEIGHTS NSW 2082 (02) 9456 1197 Continue Reading
St Marks Anglican ChurchSt Marks Anglican Church Berowra-Contact Us 20 Berowra Waters Road, BEROWRA NSW 2081 (02) 9456 1285 Continue Reading
Presbyterian ChurchPresbyterian Church Beecroft-Contact Us Mary Street, BEECROFT NSW 2199 (02) 9876 2478 Continue Reading
Beecroft Uniting ChurchSt Peters Anglican Church Beecroft-Contact Us corner Murray Farm & Orchard Roads, BEECROFT NSW 2119 (02) 9484 1143 Continue Reading
St Johns Anglican ChurchSt Johns Anglican Church Beecroft-Contact Us corner Chapman Avenue & Beecroft Road, BEECROFT NSW 2119 (02) 9484 1143 Continue Reading
Beecroft Uniting ChurchUniting Church Beecroft-Contact Us 82 Beecroft Road, BEECROFT NSW 2119 (02) 9875 3436 Continue Reading
St Peter Chapel, Futuna Street, WOOLWICH NSW 2110St Peter Chapel-Contact Us Futuna Street, WOOLWICH NSW 2110 (02) 9817 5325 Continue Reading
Dalton Chapel, Saint Ignatius College, RIVERVIEW NSW 2066.Dalton Chapel-Contact Us Saint Ignatius College, RIVERVIEW NSW 2066 Continue Reading
St Thomas' Anglican ChurchSt Thomas’ Anglican Church North Sydney-Contact Us corner Church & McLaren Streets, NORTH SYDNEY NSW 2059 0417 779 363 RichardFJames@me.com www.greatchurchwedding.com Continue Reading
St Peter's Presbyterian Church North SydneySt Peter’s Presbyterian Church North Sydney-Contact Us corner Blues Point Road & Blue Street, NORTH SYDNEY NSW 2060 (02) 9955 1662 Continue Reading
Beauty Point Catholic ChurchCatholic Church Beauty Point-Contact Us 210 Spit Road, BEAUTY POINT NSW 2088 (02) 8969 3200 Continue Reading
All Saint's Air Force Memorial Anglican ChurchAll Saint’s Air Force Memorial Anglican Church-Contact Us 11 Moore Avenue, WEST LINDFIELD NSW 2070 (02) 9416 5729 Continue Reading
Seventh Day Adventist Church CentreSeventh Day Adventist Church Centre Waitara-Contact Us corner Park Avenue & Alexandria Parade, WAITARA NSW 2077 (02) 9489 6187 Continue Reading
Waitara Uniting ChurchWaitara Uniting Church-Contact Us corner Palmerston Road & Edgeworth David Avenue, WAITARA NSW 2077 (02) 9477 1370 Continue Reading
Wahroonga Presbyterian ChurchWahroonga Presbyterian Church-Contact Us corner Illoura Avenue & Stuart Street, WAHROONGA NSW 2076 (02) 9489 3690 Continue Reading
St Andrew's Anglican ChurchSt Andrew’s Anglican Church Wahroonga-Contact Us corner Water & Cleveland Street, WAHROONGA NSW 2076 (02) 9489 3278 Continue Reading
St John's Uniting ChurchSt John’s Uniting Church Wahroonga-Contact Us corner Stuart Street & Coonanabarra Road, WAHROONGA NSW 2076 (02) 9487 2941 Continue Reading
St Pauls Anglican Church WahroongaSt Pauls Anglican Church Wahroonga-Contact Us Pearces Corner, Pacific Highway, WAHROONGA NSW 2076 (02) 9489 2863 Continue Reading
St Andrews Uniting ChurchSt Andrews Uniting Church Turramurra-Contact Us corner Vernon & Chisholm Streets, TURRAMURRA SOUTH NSW 2074 (02) 9449 2129 Continue Reading
Turramurra Baptist ChurchTurramurra Baptist Church-Contact Us 3 Saddington Street, TURRAMURRA NSW 2074 (02) 9449 4362 Continue Reading
St Andrews Presbyterian ChurchSt Andrews Presbyterian Church St Ives-Contact Us 258 Mona Vale Road, ST IVES NSW 2075 (02) 9449 9374 Continue Reading
St Ives Baptist ChurchSt Ives Baptist Church-Contact Us 28 Memorial Avenue, ST IVES NSW 2075 (02) 9440 8712 Continue Reading
St Andrew's Anglican ChurchSt Andrew’s Anglican Church Roseville-Contact Us corner Bancroft Avenue & Hill Street, ROSEVILLE NSW 2069 (02) 9412 2553 Continue Reading
St Lukes Presbyterian ChurchSt Lukes Presbyterian Church-Contact Us 43 Lord Street, ROSEVILLE NSW 2069 (02) 9416 4922 Continue Reading
St Matthew's Anglican ChurchSt Matthew’s Anglican Church West Pymble-Contact Us 2 Eppleston Place, WEST PYMBLE NSW 2073 (02) 9498 8739 Continue Reading
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Parish ChurchOur Lady of Perpetual Succour Parish Church-Contact Us Kendall Street, WEST PYMBLE NSW 2073 (02) 9144 2702 Continue Reading
St Swithun's Anglican ChurchSt Swithun’s Anglican Church-Contact Us 4a Merrivale Road, PYMBLE NSW 2073 (02) 9488 7377 office@swiz.org.au www.swiz.org.au Continue Reading
St Alban's Anglican ChurchSt Alban’s Anglican Church Lindfield-Contact Us corner Tryon Road & Lindfield Avenue, LINDFIELD NSW 2070 (02) 9416 1703 (Rector) (02) 9416 1703 (Office) Continue Reading
Uniting Church & Sydney Korean Community ChurchUniting Church & Sydney Korean Community Church-Contact Us corner Tryon & Nelson Roads, LINDFIELD NSW 2070 (02) 9499 7594 Continue Reading
Holy Family of Nazareth Church, Parish of LindfieldHoly Family of Nazareth Church, Parish of Lindfield-Contact Us corner Highfield Road & Pacific Highway, LINDFIELD NSW 2070 (02) 9416 3702 Continue Reading
St David's Uniting Church Parish of Lindfield - KillaraSt David’s Uniting Church Parish of Lindfield – Killara-Contact Us corner Pacific Highway & Provincial Road, LINDFIELD NSW 2070 (02) 9416 2746 (02) 9416 2106 Continue Reading
St Martin's Anglican ChurchSt Martin’s Anglican Church Killara-Contact Us Arnold Street, KILLARA NSW 2071 (02) 9880 2137 Continue Reading
Killara Uniting ChurchKillara Uniting Church-Contact Us corner Karranga Avenue & Arnold Street, KILLARA NSW 2071 (02) 9924 2652 Continue Reading
Gordon Uniting ChurchGordon Uniting Church-Contact Us corner Pacific Highway & Cecil Street, GORDON NSW 2072 (02) 9498 6729 Continue Reading
St John the Evangelist Anglican Church of AustraliaSt John the Evangelist Anglican Church of Australia-Contact Us corner St Johns Avenue & Pacific Highway, GORDON NSW 2072 (02) 9498 2744 Continue Reading
Evangelical Free Church of AustraliaEvangelical Free Church of Australia-Contact Us 28 Wellington Road, EAST LINDFIELD NSW 2070 (02) 9415 6044 Continue Reading
Holy Trinity Garrison Church (Anglican)Holy Trinity Garrison Church (Anglican)-Contact Us Corner of Argyle & Lower Fort Streets, MILLERS POINT NSW 2000 (02) 9247 1071 office@churchhillanglican.com www.churchhillanglican.com Continue Reading
St John's Anglican Church GlebeSt John’s Anglican Church Glebe-Contact Us Corner Glebe Point Road & St Johns Road, GLEBE NSW 2037 (02) 9552 4164 weddings@glebechurch.org.au www.glebechurch.org.au Continue Reading
Christ Church St LaurenceChrist Church St Laurence-Contact Us 812 George Street (near Railway Square), SYDNEY NSW 2000 (02) 9211 0560 office@ccsl.org.au www.ccsl.org.au/weddings www.facebook.com/ChristChurchStLaurence Continue Reading
St Philip's Anglican ChurchSt Philip’s Anglican Church Sydney-Contact Us corner Clarence & Jamison Streets, SYDNEY NSW 2000 (02) 9247 1071 office@churchhillanglican.com www.churchhillanglican.com Continue Reading
St James' Anglican ChurchSt James’ Anglican Church-Contact Us corner of Phillip & King Streets, SYDNEY NSW 2000 (02) 9232 3022 Continue Reading
St Stephens Uniting ChurchSt Stephens Uniting Church Sydney-Contact Us Macquarie Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000 (02) 9221 1688 www.ssms.org.au Continue Reading
St. Marys CathedralSt Marys Cathedral Sydney-Photo courtesy of Starr PhotographyPhoto courtesy of Starr Photography Contact Us corner College & Cathedral Streets, SYDNEY NSW 2000 (02) 9220 0400 Continue Reading
St. Andrew's Anglican CathedralSt Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral Sydney-Founded in 1819 and consecrated in 1868. St Andrew's Cathedral is the oldest Cathedral in Australia.Photo courtesy of Creative Clips Photography Contact Us Sydney Square, George Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000 (02) 9265 1661 cathedral@sydney.anglican.asn.au Continue Reading

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Wedding Inspiration and Ideas

Wedding Inspiration and Ideas

Wedding ideas and inspiration from around Australia. Browse venues, flowers, photography, cars, real weddings and more. Find tips and ideas to make your wedding day perfect.

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200 of Sydney’s Best Wedding Suppliers (2020)

200 of Sydney’s Best Wedding Suppliers (2020)

We’ve made it easy to plan your perfect Sydney wedding. Whether you’re picturing something small at home, a large grand ball room affair, an escape to the country, or something else, the amazing suppliers on Wedding NSW can turn your wedding vision into reality. Here’s our list of New South Wales’ best wedding suppliers.

The Flower CottageThe Flower Cottage-Overview Hello, my name is Tasha and I am the creator of The Flower Cottage, a bespoke florist based in Wentworth Falls, NSW. My arrangements have often been described as something out of a renaissance painting. Whimsical, romantic and wild in… Continue Reading
The Lakes Golf ClubThe Lakes Golf Club-Overview Conveniently located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, The Lakes Golf Club is the perfect wedding venue for your special day with our modern clubhouse and stunning views. The team at The Lakes will provide you… Continue Reading
My Wedding Dance SydneyMy Wedding Dance Sydney-Overview Private Personalised Dance LessonsTogether we will create the most magical wedding dance. The level of difficulty is not the key, what is important is the connection and joy that this dance will bring. Enjoy… Continue Reading
Narelle MurrayNarelle Murray Marriage Celebrant-Overview Being a celebrant is my passion, especially weddings! I want every couple to have the ceremony they have always dreamt of so it has to be a ceremony to remember for all the right… Continue Reading
Wandin EstateWandin Estate-Overview Wandin Estate is one of the best wedding venues in the Hunter Valley. Perfect for your ceremony, reception and wedding guest accommodation.The picturesque Wandin Estate is the perfect backdrop for your Hunter Valley wedding… Continue Reading
Fiona KingCelebrant Fiona King-Overview Hello, Fiona here. I’ve been a celebrant working from Sydney since 2010 and have tree changed to the Southern Highlands. I already know my around having conducted many weddings in the Southern Highlands over… Continue Reading
White Clover MusicWhite Clover Music-Overview More than wedding music- Australia's most loved wedding duo are Tom and Kate: the award winning, in-demand acoustic Duet, DJ, MC, Coordinator and Concierge package you won't want to get married without!If you would… Continue Reading
Alison BurrellAlison Burrell Marriage Celebrant-Overview Weddings are my passion and making your wedding day a wonderful and memorable experience is my aim.Having been a Celebrant for many years, I have a huge amount of experience and can tailor your… Continue Reading
iWediWed-Overview Welcome to iWed. We are a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have been in the wedding industry since 1999. We noticed a gap in the market for affordable wedding accessories, so we’ve decided to… Continue Reading
Emma McGill Makeup ArtistEmma McGill Makeup Artist-Overview Freelance makeup artist, hair stylist and spray tanning technician. Based in Medway, Southern Highlands, NSW, servicing all areas.Emma's signature style is a natural enhancing look, without being too over done, focusing on your most… Continue Reading
Kombi ExperienceKombi Experience-Overview Kombi Experience, offers wedding and event transport services in vintage VW vans. Take your pick from Rob’ Frizza’s family of ogle-worthy, vintage Kombis including; Mr Darcy, Koko Freeda, Little Miss Sunshine and Wilber. Frankly,… Continue Reading
Hunter Events NSWHunter Events NSW-Overview Hunter Events NSW is an event planning business covering any occasion you desire. We offer a unique and fresh approach to all types of events specialising in the absolutely stunning Hunter Valley Region, Maitland,… Continue Reading
Tanya ArtistryTanya Artistry-Overview Making women feel confident, beautiful and empowered!"For a woman, in this day and age, the importance of looking and feeling confident about themselves is very essential. With the help of makeup and hair styling,… Continue Reading
3L Photography3L Photography-Overview With 15+ years photographing weddings throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Valley I recognise no two couples are the same, and every celebration is unique.We start our conversation with understanding the style and feel you… Continue Reading
Yasmina Nadine PhotographyYasmina Nadine Photography-Overview I want you to remember your wedding day as one that is full of enjoyment and fun! Sydney based photographer, Yasmina aims to seamlessly fit in with your schedule so that she blends into… Continue Reading
Yasmin ArkinstallYasmin Arkinstall-Overview Yasmin is a soprano with a passion for classical, musical theatre, light jazz and classical crossover music, being suitable for both modern and traditional events.She completed a Bachelor of Music (Vocal Performance) at the… Continue Reading
Revel DriveRevel Drive-Overview Revel Drive is an emissions free, professional chauffeur driven Tesla serviceYour wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and we are committed to ensuring that you travel in style and comfort… Continue Reading
Marianna GrilloMarianna Grillo-Hair & Makeup Artist Overview Marianna is highly sought after by brides to create beautiful, timeless looks for that very special day.Specialising in weddings and red carpet events, Marianna and her team of highly qualified… Continue Reading
Guyz & DollzGuyz & Dollz-Overview Welcome to Guyz & Dollz, your one stop shop for stylish bridal gowns, men’s suits, bridesmaid dresses, Mother of the Bride or Groom dresses, ball gowns, cocktail dresses etc. Our family owned business is… Continue Reading
Hoorah EventsHoorah Events-Overview Everyone needs some serious HOO-RAH in their life… especially when you’re planning to have a kick-ass day!We are a creative powerhouse of wedding planning, wedding styling, wedding coordination and floral styling. What floats our… Continue Reading
Noels Bus CharterNoels Bus Charter-Overview We can get your guests from one venue to another safely and quickly, transport is in air conditioned comfort to the wedding ceremony and then on to the reception and back home again. You… Continue Reading
Coastline LimousinesCoastline Limousines-Overview Take a journey with Coastline Limousines who will comfortably transport you in style to and from your big day.Our friendly drivers make you feel special and comfortable on your special day. Our vehicles will… Continue Reading
Clear Light PhotographyClear Light Photography-Overview Photography is my passion. My name is Clare which means “clear and bright”. This inspired the name of my business, Clear Light Photography, back in 2014. I take photos because I enjoy it and… Continue Reading
Rydges Mount Panorama BathurstRydges Mount Panorama Bathurst-Overview From the moment you arrive and step into our lobby, our dedicated Wedding Coordinator will ensure that your wedding day will be one to remember at one of the best Bathurst wedding venues around.… Continue Reading
Susan Avery Flowers and EventsSusan Avery Flowers and Events-Overview For over 35 years Susan Avery and her team have been known and trusted as Australia’s best floral decorators. We are interior decorators for parties and events. We know all the venues and can share… Continue Reading
FloriadeFloriade-Overview If you are looking for wedding flowers as unique as you are, you have come to the right place. At Floriade there is nothing we love more than giving our soon-to-be weds the flowers… Continue Reading
À la RochÀ la Roch-Overview À la Roch specialises in crafting high quality creations. Our product range includes acrylic and wooden cake toppers, edible images, home decor and party printables.À la Roch has a range of pre designed cake… Continue Reading
Rapid Print PhotoboothRapid Print Photobooth-Overview Looking for a reliable photobooth for your upcoming wedding? Check us out at Rapid Print to see our competitive prices and range of booths, to help celebrate your big day.Our basic package provides as… Continue Reading
Windsor Function CentreWindsor Function Centre-Overview The Perfect Wedding Venue in SydneyIt’s true that marriages are made in heaven. But once you have chosen your partner, we bring the heaven to earth for you.Windsor Function Centre is Sydney's best wedding… Continue Reading
Sylvan Glen EstateSylvan Glen Estate-Overview Surrounded by 60 private acres, Sylvan Glen is a romantic Southern Highlands wedding venue offering total privacy, beautiful function spaces and an exclusive country guesthouse for your entire weekend stay.Imagine holding a wedding at… Continue Reading
Wicked Bucks PartiesWicked Bucks Parties-Sydney Bucks Destination Overview Wicked Bucks are all about delivering the biggest, best and most memorable bucks day, night and weekend packages and ideas. Whatever you want nothing is too big or too small for… Continue Reading
Ozi ProductionsOzi Productions-Overview Who to trust with your photography needs? The one with excellent shots but too expensive? The one offering low-cost services but disappointing outcomes? Or the one that provides astounding shots at an affordable price?Think… Continue Reading
Karen BrownKaren Brown A Timeless Love-Overview As your celebrant, you have my guarantee that I give you a high level of service, I am professional, organised and I meticulously take care of the important legal requirements for your wedding ceremony.I… Continue Reading
Instill Photo and VideoInstill Photo and Video-Overview Instill Photo and Video puts customer service at the forefront. We are honoured to be a part of your special day and we make you our number one priority. Nothing is too hard. We… Continue Reading
Klassic KombizKlassic Kombiz-Overview Our charming split screen Kombis are iconic and we will provide the perfect package with professional drivers and attention to detail, so your wedding day will be memorable riding in these iconic beauties.If vintage,… Continue Reading
Elite Chevy HireElite Chevy Hire-Overview So, you've got your wedding date lock in, found the perfect dress and you're ready to roll... not quite?The time has come to find the perfect ride to the alter. You'll feel like a… Continue Reading
Ivy Lane CollectiveIvy Lane Collective-Overview Specialising in wedding and events,anything you dream, big or small, we can create.Catering for large and small scale floral create constant creative energy for the girls and we are always looking for new ideas… Continue Reading
A Piper of DistinctionA Piper of Distinction-Overview Add a Touch of Scotland with Wedding BagpipersPipers of Distinction understand that your wedding day is the biggest and most important day of your life so far, therefore everything needs to be just right.Our… Continue Reading
XXL The ClubXXL The Club-Overview Great one stop shop for all Sydney maid of honours who are organising their besties hens party or birthday celebrations. For the perfect hens night we have dinner and drinks packages, as well as… Continue Reading
XciteHummerRidesXciteHummerRides-Overview Welcome to XciteHummerRides, when it comes to car hire and rides, we offer the BEST! We cover weddings, birthdays, hens parties, school formals, anniversaries, executive pickups and drop-offs, concerts and sports special appearances, all… Continue Reading
Siobhan AdamsMs. Adams, Siobhan-Overview Hello, and a warm congratulations to you if you've recently become engaged!I provide modern, upbeat and quality bespoke ceremony services from Brisbane to Byron Bay and beyond. Although I’m based in this stunning location,… Continue Reading
Country CantinasCountry Cantinas-Overview Spreading the love, one drink at a time!Congratulations on your engagement and thank you for considering Country Cantinas for your big day!Country Cantinas is a unique mobile bar service that operates from a beautifully… Continue Reading
Victoria LanghamVictoria Langham Marriage Celebrant-Overview Congratulations, you're getting married!Imagine your most beautiful day... Let me help you create the ceremony of your dreams! You deserve everything to be perfect.Whatever your ideas are about your 'Beautiful Day' it can be… Continue Reading
Silk Dreams FlowersSilk Dreams Flowers-Overview ABIA award winning florist for artificial floral design using only the highest quality artificial flowers. With custom designed bouquets, packages and a huge range of flowers and colours to choose from. Catering for wedding party… Continue Reading
Bisous EstateBisous Estate-Overview Bisous Estate is a stunning event space that takes advantage of all of the natural beauty that the Hunter has to offer. It has been purpose built to cater for a wide range of… Continue Reading
Treehouse Gardens at Will and Mike'sTreehouse Gardens at Will & Mikes-Overview Tucked into a tropical rain-forest garden, just 15 minutes from Sydney CBD, Treehouse Gardens at Will & Mike's is a stunning garden wedding venue with fountains, courtyards, lush gardens, and a renovated factory that… Continue Reading
ZimzalaZimzala-Overview Zimzala invites couples to exchange vows with the sand between their toes, make the most of the magnificent coastline for photos and stroll back to their function space for a relaxed reception overlooking the… Continue Reading
KittyhawkKittyhawk-Overview Kittyhawk is a high volume cocktail bar and French restaurant focused on exceptional guest experiences. The venue is designed around the Liberation of Paris in 1944 and brings together an old world charm with… Continue Reading
A Highland Wedding Kilt HireA Highland Wedding Kilt Hire-Kilt Hire / Sales / Service Overview We pride ourselves in providing you with a seamless service that helps to take some of the stress and worry out of hiring or purchase quietly Highland attire… Continue Reading
Royalty WeddingsRoyalty Weddings-Overview Welcome to Royalty Wedding Cars where nothing is a problem and above and beyond is standard for us.Royalty Weddings offer an outstanding collection of fully restored luxury wedding cars for hire in Sydney, included… Continue Reading
Best Buds FloristBest Buds Florist-Overview Your wedding is a special occasion. Proof of that is the endless months of planning that go into making it a success. Every single detail matters including the flowers. Best Buds is your experienced… Continue Reading
Pauline FawknerPauline Fawkner Marriage Celebrant-Overview Weddings have been a huge part of my life for years now. I have been a full-time celebrant for many years and still love my work. Every couple is different and every wedding should… Continue Reading
RISS PhotographyRISS Photography-Overview RISS Photography is an Australian and family owned business operating in Sydney from last 10 years. We are a cutting-edge modern photographer and cinematographer, using the state of the art technology in the photography… Continue Reading
Red Soda BandRed Soda Band-Overview Starting out as a small, tight-knit group of professional musicians – we’ve built a solid rep as one of the best live wedding bands in Sydney. Since our successful start in 1996, we expanded… Continue Reading
The Secret GardenThe Secret Garden-Overview The Secret Garden is a hidden treasure, nestled in the beautiful rural surrounds of Wildes Meadow, a convenient 50-minute drive from Wollongong, an hour from Canberra, or two hours from Sydney.It is a quintessentially… Continue Reading
Culinarius Catering and Fine FoodsCulinarius Catering and Fine Foods-The Pavilion Kiama Overview Say “I do” to The Pavilion Kiama – your ideal waterfront wedding venue. On one of the most important days in your life, you want a unique, magical space as the… Continue Reading
Ann DallyAnn Dally-Overview There's no one magic ingredient that makes a wedding day sensational – it’s all those little things that combine together to create the perfect mix. Need some help to get started? Kick off your heels,… Continue Reading
The Italian Byron BayThe Italian Byron Bay-Overview The ultimate oceanfront venue to host your wedding celebrations! Positioned directly opposite the iconic Main Beach, The Italian Byron Bay is a stunning one of a kind venue featuring ocean views, lush tropical gardens,… Continue Reading
Orange Ex-Services’ ClubOrange Ex-Services’ Club-Overview The Events team at Orange Ex-Services’ Club are here to create a wedding celebration you and your guests will remember for years to come. From beautiful ceremony details and delicious reception dinners to comfortable… Continue Reading
Sam Wyper PhotographySam Wyper Photography-Overview A unique combination of wedding photojournalism and stunning creative portraits. I capture the tears, joy and laughter throughout your special day in an unobtrusive way whilst conveying the beauty of the moment.For couples who are… Continue Reading
Two Creeks Wedding PhotographyTwo Creeks Wedding Photography-Overview Wild hearts // Fun loving // Real moments // Your tribe // Great vibes // No bull…Two becoming one, for the better.Your wedding day is just that – yours – and I want to… Continue Reading
Red Arrow DesignsRed Arrow Designs-Overview Red Arrow Designs specialise in stylish gifts for your hens / bucks celebration, bridal party thank you presents, and to celebrate your new status as a Bride, Groom, or member of the bridal party.Our… Continue Reading
Zac and Jane the Wedding DuoZac and Jane the Wedding Duo-Overview Zac and Jane have been making music together their whole lives. We love playing at weddings and other events to make your big day as special as possible.We have a number of different instrumental… Continue Reading
GrazeHouseGrazeHouse-Overview Based in Newcastle but travelling far and wide, GrazeHouse is the perfect way to make the most amazing statement at your beautiful event. Specialising in boutique grazing tables, platters and florals created with the… Continue Reading
Jon Harris WeddingsJon Harris Weddings-Overview You know what gets me excited?Meeting a fab couple who are getting married their way, with only their nearest and dearest along for the ride. This should include a puppy, and if you don't… Continue Reading
Midas JewelleryMidas Jewellery-Overview At Midas Jewellery, our gorgeous selection allows us to be one of the finest jewellery stores across Sydney. With every visit to our boutiques, we ensure you will be taken care of by our… Continue Reading
The Larder Byron BayThe Larder Byron Bay-Overview The Northern Rivers' Leading Wedding Catering Experts The Larder Byron Bay has been providing world-class cuisine for local, national and international guests throughout the Northern Rivers for more than 20 years.  We offer a… Continue Reading
Exquisite Bridal HairExquisite Bridal Hair-Overview Mobile Hairdresser & Wedding Hair Stylist in SydneyIf you are looking for a bridal hair styling expert, then Exquisite Bridal Hair professionals are the perfect guys for you!We are reliable mobile bridal hairdressers in… Continue Reading
A Bridal Affair Wedding CarsA Bridal Affair Wedding Cars-Overview A Bridal Affair has been providing classic wedding cars and limousines in NSW since 1998.A Bridal Affair was the first company to introduce the two tone champagne colour to the wedding car Industry in… Continue Reading
Elegant Invitations by KathrynElegant Invitations by Kathryn-Overview Elegant Invitations by Kathryn is a small business I’ve created providing all types of invitations and stationery. I was told once to find a job I loved and get someone to pay me to do… Continue Reading
The Boat Shed Lake HumeThe Boat Shed Lake Hume-Overview Uniquely located on Lake Hume, Albury, The Boat Shed is landmark destination to celebrate your romantic wedding. The Boat Shed is the perfect wedding venue for your special occasion, offering spectacular water views and… Continue Reading
Florisian Floral DesignFlorisian Floral Design-Overview Welcome and Congratulations!Dreaming a happy and unforgettable wedding to remember for ever? Here we are, it's where all great things are happening!We know that every wedding is unique and has its own style of… Continue Reading
FJ Wedding and Formal Car HireFJ Wedding and Formal Car Hire-Overview Welcome to FJ Wedding and Formal Car Hire! We hope we can surpass your expectations when you hire one of our classic cars for whatever occasion…There is nothing quite like a classic Holden wedding/formal/getaway car… Continue Reading
Eflowers-SydneyEflowers-Sydney-Overview Eflowers-Sydney has been established over 25 years with great success with stunning weddings and beautiful comments over the years.We choose to design and style every wedding to suit our brides.The gorgeous vintage and rustic look… Continue Reading
BrindleyimagesBrindleyimages-Overview At Brindleyimages we are dedicated to recording your wedding day in a friendly but professional way, photographing those genuine smiles, the unexpected moments and those very important portrait and group shots. Of course, the most… Continue Reading
Paddock to Plate Catering CoPaddock to Plate Catering Co.-Overview Weddings with paddock to plate catering coCongratulations and thank you for considering Paddock to Plate Catering Co.We understand that to get married outside on a beautiful rural farm/ property is just about as good… Continue Reading
Villa BotanicaVilla Botanica-Overview Perched on the edge of the Coral Sea in the glorious Whitsundays, Villa Botanica, with its superb gardens and architecture, is a wedding venue simply unmatched anywhere in Australia. Even more extraordinary is that… Continue Reading
Glen Ewin EstateGlen Ewin Estate-Overview An ultimate passion for creating your most beautiful day underpins the Glen Ewin philosophy: everything we do is focussed on making your dreams come true.We love to challenge the ordinary, make your taste buds… Continue Reading
The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht ClubThe Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club-Overview The Pittwater environment enjoys a natural contrast of rugged headlands, tranquil waterways, long stretches of open beach, wetlands and native bushlands. We understand that your wedding is special, and the memories of the day… Continue Reading
Australian Wedding RingsAustralian Wedding Rings-Overview Welcome! I’m Alex, a past bride, jeweller and online shopping “enthusiast”. I’m the founder of Australian Wedding Rings.When I was planning my wedding, our wedding bands were the easiest thing on my to-do list.… Continue Reading
LDC Luxury Dry CleaningLDC Luxury Dry Cleaning-Overview LDC Luxury Dry Cleaning is every wedding party's dream! We will pick up all wedding attire including wedding gowns, suits, bridesmaids dresses and even flower girls and alter boys outfits. We focus on handling… Continue Reading
Dave CallananDave Callanan-Overview Wow! You are getting married!Congratulations on your wonderful decision!My name is Dave Callanan and I am an authorised celebrant based in beautiful Echuca, the home of the riverboats on the Murray River! I also… Continue Reading
Silvestri’s of ClarendonSilvestri’s of Clarendon-Overview Silvestri's is boutique venue for stylish wedding receptions and garden ceremonies.We cater for groups from 10-210.The venue is located in the Adelaide Hills, just 30 minutes south-east of the CBD.Set in the beautiful valley… Continue Reading
Dance Dance DanceDance Dance Dance-Overview Dance Dance Dance has won the prestigious ACE Award as the best dance production in Australia.Impress your guests with the unique Quick Change adagio act, fabulous Mexican Mariachis, hot Ballroom dancers, majestic Great Gatsby… Continue Reading
hYjInXhYjInX-Overview Sydney’s 5-piece party/rock/dance band, hYjInX, offer high level musicianship, outstanding vocals, quirky humour and the ultimate in dedication to showmanship and fronting. In fact, their polished sound, party atmosphere and ability to fill the… Continue Reading
Rachel Gutierrez PhotographyRachel Gutierrez Photography-Overview THOUGHTFULLY CURATED, SYDNEY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY SINCE 2006Clean + artful // authentic + soulful // joyful + luminousFrom billions and billions of people in this world, you found your life partner... And they chose you… Continue Reading
Danielle DuBoisDanielle DuBois-Your Marriage Celebrant Overview Your Marriage Celebrant, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, offers formal or informal ceremonies, on a beach, on a boat, headland or in a floral garden, it would be my pleasure to provide… Continue Reading
EMOTION Wedding PhotographyEMOTION Wedding Photography-Overview Welcome to a new era of modern wedding photography, with EMOTION Wedding Photography.We’ll capture your day…the authentic way.Awkward angles? Stiff poses? That’s just not our style. We tell your love story the way it… Continue Reading
Vincent Lai PhotographyVincent Lai Photography-Overview I am a full time professional Sydney photojournalistic wedding photographer based in Sydney NSW.My wedding photography style is all about capturing that decisive moment that happens at every Sydney wedding. Capturing moments in real… Continue Reading
Wedding Dance DVDWedding Dance DVD-Overview Learn Your Wedding Dance DVDAt last, an Australian-made DVD with wedding dance lessons that will make sure you look fabulous for your guests and wedding video.The dynamic dance instructor, Mike Myers, and his assistant,… Continue Reading
WatervieW In Bicentennial ParkWatervieW in Bicentennial Park-Overview WatervieW Sydney wedding venue and function centre in Bicentennial Park at Sydney Olympic Park.Surrounded by rolling meadows and natural parklands, WatervieW in Bicentennial Park is the ideal venue for couples wanting a garden wedding… Continue Reading
Vincent MooreVincent Moore-Hills Wedding Celebrant Overview I really enjoy my role as a Marriage Celebrant. My commitment is make your wedding day a wonderful, special day that you will always remember.I have a relaxed, flexible and easy-going… Continue Reading
Hire an UmbrellaHire an Umbrella-Overview Umbrella hire will bring you peace of mind and a good night's sleep... whatever the weather brings. Weatherproof your wedding today.We have a large range of umbrellas and parasols including clear, coloured, patterned, traditional… Continue Reading
Tumbling Waters RetreatTumbling Waters Retreat-Overview Perched on the edge of the Illawarra Escarpment the grand sandstone dining room with the ocean as a backdrop is scenically breath taking. Elegantly appointed, the décor reflects a relaxed ambience with rich warm… Continue Reading
Totally CoveredTotally Covered-Overview Totally Covered has been operating for over 7 years and offers a personal decorating service for your special occasion. We have full setup or DIY options available and cover the Eurobodalla and Sapphire Coast.We… Continue Reading
Thredbo Alpine HotelThredbo Alpine Hotel-Overview Located halfway between Sydney and Melbourne, Thredbo Village is snuggled in a picturesque valley in the heart of the magnificent Kosciuszko National Park. The stunning beauty of the great outdoors makes Thredbo the ideal… Continue Reading
Terrey Hills Golf & Country ClubTerrey Hills Golf & Country Club-Overview Some wedding venues just seem to have that special magic!Terrey Hills Golf and Country Club is one of Sydney's most magnificent venues, set amongst the breathtaking beauty of Kuringai Chase National Park, just 30… Continue Reading
Sydney Dance RhythmsSydney Dance Rhythms-Overview Your first dance should be memorable and emotionally touching. Historically, the first dance is symbolic of the consummation of the wedding vows and marks your first cooperative engagement and joint endeavor. When the bride… Continue Reading
Sweet PassionSweet Passion-Overview Welcome to Sweet Passion where mouth-watering cakes and savouries are created for all occasions.At Sweet Passion we are dedicated to work closely with you to create the perfect cake that reflects your own style… Continue Reading
St Josephs GuesthouseSt Josephs Guesthouse-Overview St Josephs Guesthouse is a perfect venue to organise the wedding of your dreams. You choose what, when, where and how with assistance from your family, friends, chosen contractors or our partners.We provide a… Continue Reading
Skyview ReceptionSkyview Reception-Overview Weddings are very special occasions and you want to feel sure that the choice of venue will deliver exactly what you have always dreamed about. Our spectacular ballroom has many special features to enhance… Continue Reading
Sydney Wedding Ceremony SingersSydney Wedding Ceremony Singers-Overview Your wedding should be the most special day of your lives. Let us create through beautiful music the elegant and perfect ceremony every couple dreams of.We can perform all types of music including Pop,… Continue Reading
Shoal Bay Country ClubShoal Bay Country Club-Overview Set on 5 acres of stunning beachfront, Shoal Bay Country Club is the perfect backdrop for your wedding day memories, the ideal setting for your reception, the ultimate in pampering for your hen's weekend,… Continue Reading
Shelley AllturnerShelley Allturner-Overview Congratulations! What an exciting time for you to be celebrating your love for your partner or the naming/blessing of a child. Your special occasion is all about you and your loved one and I… Continue Reading
Sharon WaySharon Way-Overview My name is Sharon Way and I am an authorized registered Civil Marriage Celebrant.I have had this privilege for the last 7 years and I am currently providing my service to the Central Coast,… Continue Reading
Sapphire Coast LimousinesSapphire Coast Limousines-For the ultimate in glamour, luxury and style! Overview The Sapphire Coast Limousine Service has been operating for over 20 years. We operate from the South Coast to Sydney, including Canberra and Cooma. Our cars… Continue Reading
Ken SadlerKen Sadler CMC JP-Authorised Marriage Celebrant Overview IT’S YOUR DAY I WILL HELP MAKE IT PERFECT FOR YOUA personal service for your special day. I will present a copy of your service to you at the end of… Continue Reading
Ryde-Parramatta Golf ClubRyde-Parramatta Golf Club-Overview It's your big day and everything has to be perfect...Begin your day with your personally hosted wedding ceremony overlooking our manicured lawns. Then let your guests relax with canapés and champagne on our sandstone… Continue Reading
Rosa's RosesRosa’s Roses-Overview At Rosa's Roses we aim for absolute perfection and professionalism. Our beautiful brides are our main priority and we ensure their day is absolutely magical, perfect and stress free. Our family based business is… Continue Reading
Robyn's Nest Guest HouseRobyn’s Nest Guest House-Overview Robyn’s Nest Guest House offers a fully equipped function facility. Wedding and party functions for up to 80 people (seating arrangements determine maximum numbers). Full catering available ranging from stand up canapé style to… Continue Reading
River Canyon RestaurantRiver Canyon Restaurant-Overview Wedding receptions, engagements, private functions & other parties.We regularly host wedding receptions on Saturday and Sunday lunches. The whole venue is hired out exclusively for the event. Cost $40pp, minimum charge $3000 for 75… Continue Reading
The Sydney Wedding RegistryThe Sydney Wedding Registry-Overview Promise: With Australia’s biggest range of big name brands and boutique products, our service is 100% free for couples. You can create and manage your list online, which is easy for couples AND their… Continue Reading
Stretch Porsche HireStretch Porsche Hire-Overview Stretch Porsche Hire have been in business since 1999 when Australia's first ever stretch Porsche was completed in a small workshop in Sydney. Not only do we offer the hire of our truly magnificent… Continue Reading
PLAY ProjectsPLAY Projects-Overview We understand how overwhelming and time consuming it can be to plan an event... This is why we have already put together a number of exclusive and unique function packages, especially designed for an… Continue Reading
Pink FrostingPink Frosting-Overview Pink Frosting is Australia's number one online wedding shop offering a gorgeous range of 5000+ wedding decorations, wedding favours, and unique wedding invitations online. Based in Canberra, we ship hundreds of orders every single… Continue Reading
PhotobrationsPhotobrations-Overview Photobrations is a photobooth rental company based on the Central Coast of NSW. We may be based on the Central Coast but we are not limited to just the Central Coast, we are happy… Continue Reading
Special Snaps Photo Booth HireSpecial Snaps Photo Booth Hire-Overview We are a self owned and operated photo booth hire company so quality and great customer service is a MUST!Special Snaps supplies photo booths all over Sydney - we cater to any event.Visit our… Continue Reading
Party Photo BoothParty Photo Booth-Overview Photo booths can be hired for all occasions. Its a whole lot a fun and you get to keep the memories.Our booths are powered by a canon DSLR Camera and has a touch screen… Continue Reading
Oliver Party HireOliver Party Hire-Overview Oliver Hire is a Sydney party hire company on the Northern Beaches. We supply marquees and all party equipment for weddings, birthdays, special occasions, private parties, public and industry events, conferences, field days, product… Continue Reading
Pale Blue Dot Design StudioPale Blue Dot Design Studio-Overview Great care and effort is put into our hand crafted wedding invitations. Expert craftsmanship go hand and hand with intuitive design to create a product that is truly stunning.Let us collaborate WITH you, to… Continue Reading
Rydges North SydneyRydges North Sydney-Overview From grand celebrations to intimate dinners overlooking Sydney’s eastern harbour, Rydges North Sydney is the ideal venue for your reception, set in lush garden surroundings and only 10 minutes from the heart of Sydney.Our… Continue Reading
MoondanceMoondance-Overview Our flexible repertoire enables us to create the right atmosphere for the whole wedding, drawing on a selection of classical or celtic music for the ceremony and jazz, popular and dance music for the… Continue Reading
Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken BayRoyal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay-Overview Special features: The Royal Motor Yacht Club at Newport provides a spectacular setting for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Whether you are looking for a casual cocktail-style wedding or a 3-course dinner and… Continue Reading
Wonderful MemoriesWonderful Memories-Overview All the team at Wonderful Memories are fully qualified award winning florists, with many years experience in the floristry industry, so you can rest assured that not only are we experts in our field… Continue Reading
Sydney Wedding MusicSydney Wedding Music-Overview As Sydney's wedding music specialists, we provide professional classical and jazz musicians for wedding ceremonies and receptions of all sizes. We offer an unsurpassed level of service, professionalism and reliability.Sydney Wedding Music specialises in… Continue Reading
Massage AfloatMassage Afloat-Pamper, party, relax, and rejuvenate Overview Breathe in tranquillity as you step on board our oasis of well being. Relax and rejuvenate and allow stress to slip away as we cruise Sydney Harbour in one… Continue Reading
Mary JonesMary Jones-Authorised Marriage Celebrant Overview Congratulations on getting married!It’s an exciting time, so let me be your celebrant and help you plan the best wedding ceremony you could wish for - with just the right words,… Continue Reading
MakVideoMakVideo-Overview Every moment is a piece of a precious story, a story that needs to be shared and an event that needs to be remembered.MakVideo is a spirited and innovative company based in Sydney. Admiring… Continue Reading
Brooke Low Make-Up & Hair DesignBrooke Low Make-up & Hair Design-Overview Brooke has been a freelance makeup artist for over 10 years and her career kick started when she was chosen to become a regular columnist for Cleo, Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar magazines and became… Continue Reading
M16 ProductionM16 Production-Overview Creating Your Story We Create Your Style!M16 Production is multi award winning studio based in Sydney specialising in wedding photography and video with primary objective – providing excellent quality wedding videography and photography.Our philosophy… Continue Reading
Crystal Palace at Luna Park SydneyCrystal Palace at Luna Park Sydney-Overview The Crystal Palace is Sydney's most stunning wedding venue!Having been restored to its unique fairytale glory, this heritage listed building conveys a sense of elegance and prestige.Situated on the harbour at Milsons Point, complement… Continue Reading
Stylish LimousinesStylish Limousines-Overview Wedding limo hire in Sydney has never been as stylish or as easy as with Stylish Limousines. We have been providing limousine services for many years and are committed to providing you the highest… Continue Reading
WOW LimousinesWOW Limousines-Overview WOW Limousines provides a luxurious and professional chauffeured service for weddings and special events throughout Sydney. We have an exclusive range of vehicles that will grab everyone's attention when you arrive at your destination.… Continue Reading
Lilys Restaurant, Bar & Function CentreLilys Restaurant, Bar & Function Centre-Overview Celebrate your magical day at LilysWith 5 stunning function rooms and two dedicated ceremony areas, Lilys Function Centre is one of Western Sydney's best kept secrets.Specialising in weddings, the venue caters from the intimate… Continue Reading
Lagoon Seafood RestaurantLagoon Seafood Restaurant-Overview With 5 Private rooms catering for 10 to 600 people, The Lagoon offers floor to ceiling glass doors opening up onto terrace just metres away from the water.The Lagoon is Wollongong’s premier seafood restaurant… Continue Reading
Kombi WeddingsKombi Weddings-Overview Kombi Weddings offers personal service, competitive rates and immaculately maintained vehicles for your wedding day.At Kombi Weddings, we strive towards quality, professionalism and excellence and are proud to be appointed members of the Australian… Continue Reading
Kareela Golf ClubSporties at Kareela Golf-Overview Located in the Sutherland Shire, just 30 minutes from the city, Sporties at Kareela Golf is the ideal venue to host a corporate golf day, conference, wedding or social event. We cater for groups… Continue Reading
Judy AshtonJudy Ashton-Overview Why choose me as your celebrant?I am a romantic at heart and want everyone to have their special day just the way they want it. I am a professional but easy going, always prepared… Continue Reading
Joy RulewskiJoy Rulewski-Authorised Civil Celebrant Overview Congratulations! You've set the date..And now looking for the right celebrant to officiate at your wedding!Well, you’ve come to the right place! As an experienced authorised celebrant, I’ll guide you and… Continue Reading
Jenolan CavesJenolan Caves-Overview Award winning Jenolan Caves has been hosting wedding celebrations and honeymoons for over a century.You will always remember your unique ceremony in the magnificent Cathedral of the Lucas Cave, the exquisitely decorated Temple of… Continue Reading
Hugo Photography and FilmHugo Photography & Film-Overview Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding!Hugo Photography and Film is based in Carlingford, North West Sydney area. Hugo Chen, the owner and main photographer of Hugo Photography, is AIPP (The Australian Institute of Professional Photography)… Continue Reading
Hens Treasure HuntHens Treasure Hunt-Overview Our treasure hunts are a completely unique hen's night experience. From start to finish, we'll keep the good times rolling, so you and your girls won't need to worry about a single thing! We… Continue Reading
Gourmet Fare CateringGourmet Fare Catering-Overview Gourmet Fare Catering is Sydney's latest and most exciting Gold Licence catering company. We are fully committed to providing excellent food quality and service with a focus of exceeding customer satisfaction.With a team of… Continue Reading
Gibraltar Hotel Bowral Southern HighlandsGibraltar Hotel Bowral Southern Highlands-Overview The Southern Highlands best kept secret, Gibraltar Hotel Bowral is something really special, a place you want to be part of, a place you want to linger a little longer at. Sure, it's a… Continue Reading
Funkified EntertainmentFunkified Entertainment-Overview Your wedding is a lifetime event, so naturally you want everything to be perfect.When it comes to finding the right music for your special day, Funkified Entertainment can take care of everything, eliminating the… Continue Reading
Beecroft Flower ShopBeecroft Flower Shop-Overview Choosing your flowers for your special day, when you are not sure what colours you would like or what flowers are in season, can make it seem like it could be a very difficult… Continue Reading
Sweet ArtSweet Art-Overview The Sweet Art stylists specialise in creating atmosphere, synergy and beauty.. through the co-ordination of colours and styles adding to the perfect theme of the day. From corporate table centrepieces to wedding bouquets, the… Continue Reading
Diane's Floral OccasionsDiane’s Floral Occasions-Overview Specialising in fresh flowers and artificial silk designing.A creative floral design service dedicated to providing a personalised service of the highest standards in exceptional flowers for weddings and special events.Each wedding is treated as… Continue Reading
The Pearl South Pacific Resort, FijiThe Pearl South Pacific Resort, Fiji-Overview Welcome to The Pearl South Pacific, an elegant, sun-drenched resort within the sublime environs of Pacific Harbour, between Suva and Nadi. Come and leave a frenzied world far behind. Refresh, renew and indulge in… Continue Reading
Ferrari FormalwearFerrari Formalwear-Overview Ferrari Formalwear and Bridal offer a beautiful collection of bridal gowns, bridesmaid and evening dresses, debutante gowns, formal dresses and flowergirl dresses to purchase.Stocking a range of elegant labels such as Allure Bridals, Madison… Continue Reading
Ferrari FormalwearFerrari Formalwear-Overview From the smallest page boy to the largest gentlemen, we have fitted them all. Ferrari formalwear, still owned and operated by the Ferrari Family, has reliably delivered the latest in men's formal fashion for… Continue Reading
Fairylight Curtains & Ceiling DraperyFairylight Curtains & Ceiling Drapery-Overview Create that atmosphere you have always dreamed of...Sheree, Peter and the team at Sydney based Fairylight Curtains and Backdrop Designs will add a magical touch to your wedding day or special event.The Fairylight Curtain… Continue Reading
EverafterEverafter-Flower Preservation Overview Everafter OrbsEnclose your precious wedding flowers in a gorgeous crystal clear orb. Beautiful hand crafted orbs are a gorgeous jewel of your lifetime. Each and every orb is a unique bespoke design… Continue Reading
EP EntertainmentEP Entertainment-Featuring Soul Nights Overview Are you a fan of great RnB, Dance, and Jazz? Are you thinking of having a great band entertain you and your guests at your wedding? Do you want a band… Continue Reading
Elvis PizzaElvis Pizza-Theatre Restaurant Sydney Overview Are you looking for a venue that has it all? Are you looking for a venue that can cater for a group booking, BYO and a venue that will offer ‘all… Continue Reading
El Lago Waters ResortEl Lago Waters Resort-Overview El Lago Waters Resort offers a special combination of a beautiful lakefront setting, modern, versatile and graciously appointed facilities, and a team of warm and professional staff dedicated to ensuring that your special day… Continue Reading
Sydney Eleanor HireSydney Eleanor Hire-Overview Is there any other wedding car as good as Eleanor? Fans of the film Gone in 60 Seconds, with Nicolas Cage, will know the 1967 Shelby GT500 is a car you don't turn down!These… Continue Reading
DJ Musical HostDJ Musical Host-Fun and Personality Overview We are a specialized DJ and /MC service covering the entire Sydney region and the Blue Mountains. We specialize in weddings and planned events.We are not your average wedding DJ and… Continue Reading
Duo DiavoloDuo Diavolo-Overview Duo Diavolo is an exciting musical duo of violin and guitar featuring award-winning artists Dora Maria (violin) and Duncan Gardiner (classical guitar). Together, they bring passion and excitement into every performance. Duo Diavolo strive… Continue Reading
Dianne MorpurgoDianne Morpurgo-“Creating beautiful ceremonies” Authorised Marriage Celebrant, JP. & Toastmaster Overview How exciting it is as you start preparing and planning for your wedding day.Congratulations on your pending marriage and welcome to my page. My name… Continue Reading
Diamonds by DesignDiamonds by Design-Overview Hi, I’m Karen, I’m the creative one and the bossy one and the temperamental one !! My strengths are knowing what works with what and ensuring the flow happens. Some people call it Feng… Continue Reading
Decorations by JelenaDecorations by Jelena-Overview The award winning styling and decorating team at Decorations by Jelena will help you bring your dream day together without the hassle and the stress.Decorations by Jelena is Accredited with the Australian Bridal Service… Continue Reading
David Edwards FilmsDavid Edwards Films-Overview If you are looking for a personalized wedding video, then you have come to the right place. I personally film and oversee the edit of each wedding produced. This business has been created out… Continue Reading
DanceDanceDanceDance-Overview David Rooney and Virginia Binning are both qualified teachers with many years experience in dancing and are now teaching in two convenient locations. Randwick and Chippendale.One of their specialties is teaching bridal couples who… Continue Reading
Crystal Wedding BoutiqueCrystal Wedding Boutique-Overview Do you want wedding accessories that reflect your personal style?Are you looking for something modern with a bit of sparkle?Crystal Wedding Boutique creates dream wedding accessories. We offer a wide range of unique and… Continue Reading
Chill Mobile CoolroomsChill Mobile Coolrooms-Overview No doubt your special day will involve some beautiful food and drinks. Avoid messy ice buckets and warm drinks. A mobile coolroom is a very clean and effective way of keeping everything refrigerated including… Continue Reading
Crowne Plaza Coogee BeachCrowne Plaza Coogee Beach-Overview Known affectionately as 'Sydney's Seaside Village', Coogee Beach is a tranquil environment. Surrounded by one of the East Coast's most breathtaking beaches and headlands, Coogee Beach embraces a relaxed, casual setting for your wedding… Continue Reading
Coogee Bay HotelCoogee Bay Hotel-Overview Special features - This gorgeous boutique hotel is located directly opposite Coogee Beach, making it the perfect seaside wedding venue. The Seaview Room with French doors that open onto a wide tiled veranda overlooking… Continue Reading
Concord Golf ClubConcord Golf Club-Overview Concord Golf Club is one of Sydney’s most prestigious Group 1 Golf Clubs. Established in 1899, the Club has hosted a number of championship golf tournaments including: The ANZ Championship, The Australian PGA, NSW… Continue Reading
Classic Bridal CarsClassic Bridal Cars-Overview Welcome to Classic Bridal Cars. We are Sydney's most awarded fleet of wedding cars and have one of the widest selection of classic and vintage Jaguar, Daimler, Bentley and Rolls-Royce, convertibles and limousines.Today, the… Continue Reading
Annemarie McDonellCeremony4u-Overview CONGRATULATIONS !My name is Annemarie McDonell and I am an Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant.It would me my pleasure to officiate your Marriage or special occasion for the joy it will bring to you on… Continue Reading
GastronomyGastronomy-Gastronomy, the art and science of food Overview A thrilling combination of textures and flavours, including deft Asian as well as European technique ... clearly the best in the day Good Living, The Sydney Morning… Continue Reading
Catherine BrockbankCatherine Brockbank-Your personal guide to your Dream Ceremony CMC, JP, RN Overview Thank you for considering me as your Registered Civil Celebrant.As a Celebrant, I see beauty, love and commitment and I am grateful to be… Continue Reading
Castlecrest Wedding CarriagesCastlecrest Wedding Carriages-Overview Travel to your ceremony in beautiful style, whether your dream fairytale, a vintage wedding or just to add a breath taking moment to your special day. Let Castlecrest Wedding Carriages and their professional staff… Continue Reading
The Cake Room by NancyThe Cake Room by Nancy-Overview Deciding on a cake design for your wedding is one of the main aspects of planning your wedding, so you will want someone with the experience and passion to create it for you. Here… Continue Reading
Custom Art CakesCustom Art Cakes-Overview Do you need an exquisite and delicious custom designed cake for your wedding? We can create a custom designed piece of art that without any doubt will be the centerpiece of your special day!We… Continue Reading
The Bristol Arms Rooftop BarThe Bristol Arms Rooftop Bar-Overview The Bristol Arms Rooftop bar situated on the top floor of The Bristol Arms in the new heart of Sydney’s CBD, the Barangaroo end of Sussex Street.A bar where the CBD setting takes centre… Continue Reading
The Retro HotelThe Retro Hotel-Overview The Retro is located in the heart of Sydney’s vibrant nightlife, nightclub, bar and restaurant district. The Retro combines fun, flexible and lively spaces with fantastic service to deliver the best in hospitality and… Continue Reading
Novotel Sydney Brighton BeachNovotel Sydney Brighton Beach-Overview A wedding is truly a memorable occasion and may take place on one specific day but it is really about a special period in a couple’s life. Your wedding day is one of life’s… Continue Reading
Complete Professional Bridal BeautyComplete Professional Bridal Beauty-Overview Since 1990 we have had a fantastic time in helping make Sydney Brides wedding day a breeze!We are a makeup and hairstylist team that will travel to you on the day to help you… Continue Reading
J and D Bridal Arches and CreationsJ and D Bridal Arches and Creations-Overview The business is owned and operated by Jacqueline Jackson, who creates all of the arches and other flower arrangements.I will be happy to assist you, in choosing the right colour scheme and decorations to… Continue Reading
The BowerThe Bower-Overview The Bower is a perfect place for your honeymoon accommodation.If the thought of getting through customs to get yet another airline flight bores you to tears...!... and if you're looking for absolute privacy and… Continue Reading
Beverly Simmons-HurtadoBeverly Simmons-Hurtado JP-Civil Marriage Celebrant Overview I have been appointed as an Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant by the Attorney-General’s Department for many years. I am authorised to solemnised marriages in Australia and has since officiated numerous weddings… Continue Reading
Belinda PringBelinda Pring-Harp Music for Weddings Overview IT’S YOUR DAY – GIVE IT THE ROMANCE YOU WANT –WALK DOWN THE AISLE TO THE BEAUTIFUL SOUND OF THE HARP!Ideal for church or garden wedding ceremonies.Perfect Sydney wedding music… Continue Reading
Batucada BrasilBatucada Brasil-Overview Don't risk another BORING WEDDING... We bring the ENERGY!No wedding is complete without entertainment to keep your guests dancing. Bring alive the sound and colour of a carnival to your wedding with Batucada Drummers… Continue Reading
Barrenjoey HouseBarrenjoey House-Overview Barrenjoey House is at the heart of Palm Beach’s alluring beachside lifestyle; fusing together casually elegant dining and stylish boutique accommodation.We are able to accommodate weddings for up to 120 guests, with a dance… Continue Reading
BannistersBannisters-Overview Bannisters – a unique boutique hotel with a wonderful cliff top location above beautiful Mollymook Beach on the NSW South Coast. We offer luxury ocean view accommodation, a fully licensed award winning Rick Stein… Continue Reading
NoonaweenaNoonaweena-Overview A heavenly venue for your wedding daySet high on a ridge, with sweeping views overlooking Yengo National Park, Noonaweena is a stunning location for your boutique wedding ceremony and reception. The 100acre private property,… Continue Reading
Vivienne Benson-HodgeVivienne Benson-Hodge JP CMC-Authorised Marriage Celebrant Overview Every couple in love has a different vision about what makes the perfect Wedding Ceremony. Every love story is unique and for that reason I dedicate myself to helping couples create… Continue Reading
The Chambermaids Wind QuintetThe Chambermaids Wind Quintet-Overview The Chambermaids are one of Australia’s premier wind quintets and have been entertaining audiences all over Australia for 15 years.The members of The Chambermaids are all classically trained professional musicians who work regularly with… Continue Reading
Manly Golf ClubManly Golf Club-Overview Manly Golf Club is located in the hinterland of beautiful Manly Beach. The clubhouse, designed by highly prominent architect Eric Apperly during the early 1920's and regarded as one of Sydney's finest Georgian Mediterranean… Continue Reading
The Gardens On ForestThe Gardens on Forest-Overview Celebrate your wedding day at The Gardens on Forest. Our heritage house and the rose gardens provide the perfect wedding venue. From the moment you arrive our friendly and professional staff will ensure that… Continue Reading
Orna BinderOrna Binder JP CMC-"Your Choice, Your Voice, Your Ceremony!" Overview An experience devoted and friendly marriage celebrant with attention for details, specializing in beautiful, creative, memorable ceremonies that you'll never forget.A celebrant for all ceremonies: weddings (as well… Continue Reading
Natalie Claire Jazz BandNatalie Claire Jazz Band-Overview We provide mellow jazz creating a low key ambience for drinks/dining/mingling, dedicated song choices to suit entrances/bridal waltzes, and upbeat jazz standards to get the dance floor moving!We provide smooth vocals and quality music… Continue Reading
Cantabile QuartetCantabile Quartet – Professional Choir-Overview Professional choir or a Capella group for your wedding ceremony.Are you looking to hire a professional Sydney choir or vocal group? We usually perform as a quartet in four part harmony (soprano, alto, tenor… Continue Reading
Natalie Claire - Wedding Ceremony SingerNatalie Claire – Wedding Ceremony Singer-Overview Live music for your wedding ceremony performed by professional vocalist and guitarist.20 mins of pre-ceremony music for the arrival of guests.Special songs for special moments in the ceremony such as arrival of the bridal… Continue Reading
DIY Photographer ServicesDIY Photographer Services-Overview We provide professional cameras for you to hire at your special event. You and your guests can capture special memories in your own unique way.Remember when disposable cameras were at events? Our service is… Continue Reading
Holroyd CentreHolroyd Centre-Overview Holroyd Centre is the place for brides and grooms to be united in marriage. Love, share and celebrate your wedding ceremony and wedding reception with the Holroyd Centre.The Holroyd Gardens is our newest venue… Continue Reading
Bondi Icebergs ClubBondi Icebergs Club-Overview Imagine saying ‘I do’ overlooking one of the most iconic beaches in the world. Bondi Icebergs Club is located on the Southern end of Bondi Beach, and is one of the most naturally beautiful… Continue Reading
Jodana Video ProductionsJodana Video Productions-Overview Your wedding day will be captured naturally on digital 3CCD video cameras.Video footage is edited using advanced computerised digital effects and your choice of music.Let us capture those special moments that you will be… Continue Reading

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