What are Some Ideas for Wedding Decorations?

If you have the budget and want to add a touch of elegance to your Sydney wedding, wedding decorations can be a great way to do so.

The style of your wedding will also dictate the type of decorations you choose. For example, if you are having a traditional wedding, you may want to choose classic decorations such as flowers, candles, and table decorations. If you are having a more casual wedding, you may want to choose more relaxed decorations such as balloons, streamers, and photo booths.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to have wedding decorations is up to you. There is no right or wrong answer, so choose what feels best for you and your partner.

What are some tips for choosing Sydney wedding decorations?

Here are some tips for choosing wedding decorations:
• Consider your budget.
• Choose decorations that match the style of your wedding.
• Don’t overdo it. Too many decorations can be overwhelming.
• Ask for help from friends and family.
• Have fun with it! Decorations are a great way to add personality to your wedding.

What are some ideas for Sydney wedding decorations?

Flowers: Flowers are a classic wedding decoration, and they can be used in a variety of ways outdoors. You can use them to create a beautiful archway for the ceremony, or you can scatter them on the ground as a walkway to the altar. You can also use flowers to decorate the reception area, such as by placing them in vases or hanging them from trees.

String lights: String lights are a great way to add a touch of romance and elegance to an outdoor wedding. You can hang them from trees, around the perimeter of the ceremony or reception area, or even from the ceiling of a tent.

Lanterns: Lanterns are another great way to add light and atmosphere to an outdoor wedding. You can use them to line the walkway to the ceremony, or you can place them on tables at the reception. You can also use lanterns to create a “glowing” effect by placing them inside of paper bags or jars.

Candlelight: Candlelight is a beautiful and romantic way to set the mood for an outdoor wedding. You can place candles on tables, in lanterns, or even on the ground. You can also use candles to create a “candle wall” by placing them in front of a backdrop of greenery or flowers.

Paper lanterns: Paper lanterns are a fun and festive way to decorate for an outdoor wedding. You can hang them from trees, around the perimeter of the ceremony or reception area, or even from the ceiling of a tent. You can also use paper lanterns to create a “colourful” effect by choosing lanterns in different colours.

Fabric: Fabric can be used to create a variety of decorations for an outdoor wedding. You can use it to create backdrops, table runners, or even to cover chairs. You can also use fabric to create a “rustic” or “boho” look by using natural materials such as burlap or lace.

Foliage: Foliage is a great way to add a touch of nature to an outdoor wedding. You can use it to create a backdrop, or you can place it around the perimeter of the ceremony or reception area. You can also use foliage to create a “green” or “natural” look by using plants such as ferns, palms, or ivy.

Wood: Wood is a great way to add a touch of rustic charm to an outdoor wedding. You can use it to create tables, chairs, or even to build a pergola. You can also use wood to create a “shabby chic” or “vintage” look by using reclaimed wood or barn wood.

For more Sydney wedding decoration ideas check out the Decoration, Decor and Hire and Flower suppliers on Wedding NSW.

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💕 How to Plan a Wedding in Sydney

13 Easy Steps to Planning a Wedding

How to plan a wedding in Sydney. Wedding NSW walks you through 13 easy steps to planning a fabulous wedding in Sydney and New South Wales.

Are you looking for the perfect Sydney wedding coordinator/planner? Look no further than Wedding NSW! We have been helping couples plan their dream weddings for over 20 years, and we know what it takes to create a truly unforgettable day. We offer a comprehensive range of tools, from image galleries and real weddings for initial inspiration, budgeting tips and articles with unique ideas, through to info on Sydney’s best wedding suppliers. Browse sample packages, special offers and more. We make it easy for you to create a personalised Sydney wedding that fits your unique style and budget. Find the best vendors for your wedding and know that your wedding day will be amazing, from start to finish. Follow our social channels for all the latest tips, specials, offers, and open day info. We look forward to helping you make your Sydney wedding fabulous! xx

1. Enjoy being engaged!

Be in the moment and enjoy this special time together. Start storyboarding your ideal Sydney wedding day. Discuss it together. What do you picture? Casual or Black Tie? Rustic or Fairy tale? Local or Destination? Wedding NSW has real weddings you can browse for inspo.

2. Tell your family and friends

Announce your engagement and discuss your wedding plans with your family and friends. Find out if any VIPs (parents, potential bridal party members) have commitments that would rule out certain dates for people you really want attending your wedding in Sydney.

3. Decide on the style of wedding

Your Sydney wedding style will narrow your venue choice. Sydney wedding venues often book many months, or years in advance. Once you have your wedding style, then it becomes easier to pick your venue. The most popular styles are:
Fairytale = city ballroom
Rustic = country or winery
Beach = coastal or water views
DIY = community hall, sporting venue, private home
Destination = somewhere with great views and accommodation.
Check out the Wedding NSW venues or catering companies and make some enquiries as to availability and pricing.

4. Set your budget

Once you’ve received info on potential wedding venues in Sydney, you can think about your budget. Talk to your parents and see if they plan on contributing towards your wedding. Think about how much you can save and afford to spend on your wedding. You might like to open a separate account for wedding savings and spending. Once you have a rough budget you can consider how many people you can afford to have at each venue. Of course, it’s also an option to ask people to donate cash in lieu of a gift to help off-set the cost. Wedding NSW has a budget planner you can download to help you out.

5. Start booking!

Typically it is the reception venue selection that sets the date. Then couples consider their ceremony location – which may be at the same place. Wedding NSW has some great ceremony venues to consider – gardens, beaches and churches.

6. Photographers, video and cars!

Wedding photographers and cars can also be booked out many months, or years in advance. Don’t forget a video! Many couples skip the video, but it’s an gorgeous way to relive the forgotten or never seen moments. Have a browse through Wedding NSW to find your preferred suppliers.

7. Celebrant

Your choice of celebrant can make or break your ceremony. Meet with a few and make sure they make you feel relaxed and confident. This will help with any nerves on the day.

8. Flowers, Decoration, Decor, Hire, Cake

What are you going to need to make your Sydney wedding venue fabulous? Do you need to hire chairs and crockery for a DIY wedding? Will you have floral arbors and centerpieces? Some venue packages will include decorations – check what is included – it may be centerpieces, chair covers, etc. They may also include a wedding cake.

Consider a floral theme – it could be colour or style based. Remember that you’ll be holding your bouquet throughout the ceremony and photos – they can get heavy!

Will your wedding cake be used as dessert? This will determine what size your bakery will recommend. You can also get different tiers with different flavours! Heavenly! xx

9. Music and Entertainment

Musicians at your ceremony can set a lovely mood for your wedding. The entertainment options are endless – DJ, swing band, jazz singers, band. Photobooths can be fun too!

10. You!

What are you going to look like and wear at your wedding? Browse through the Wedding NSW fashion, hair and makeup, and rings and jewellery sections for inspo and amazing Sydney wedding suppliers.

11. Guest list and bridal party

Work out your guest list. Select your bridal party. It can be less stressful to select your bridal party closer to your wedding date, eg 3 months before. It’s easier to not select someone, than have to un-select them. Wedding NSW has a guest list and seating planner you can download to help you out.

Invitations! Send out invitations for your hens or bucks party, and then the wedding. Typically Sydney wedding invitations are sent 3 months in advance. Although this is flexible, and sometimes a save-the-date is important especially for friends or family that might need to travel a long way, arrange time off work, or save up to attend!

12. Honeymoon

Yay! This can be any time you like. Soon after your Sydney wedding day, or some time later. Many travel agents offer a honeymoon registry and can be an easy, but fabulous gift from your guests. If you are planning on changing your name, ensure you have your passport and travel documents in the same name! It might also be necessary to have a credit card in this name too, especially when confirming bookings or collecting tickets.

13. The last details

Maybe you’re looking for something unique to finish off the day? Or a dance studio to WOW your guests with a special routine? A thank-you gift for your bridal party and / guests is often nice too.

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💐 105 Beautiful Bouquet and Floral Designs – Wedding Flowers in Sydney

Sydney has some amazing wedding flower suppliers. We’ll help you find the best wedding flowers in Sydney for your wedding celebration.

Your perfect wedding flowers should reflect you wedding theme. Your wedding theme might be colour based, or modern, vintage, rustic, etc. You can also carry your floral theme through to your cake with your chosen flowers featured. It might be helpful to select your bridesmaid dresses prior to choosing your flowers, that way your wedding florist can ensure their wedding bouquets will complement the style and colour of  your bridesmaid’s dresses.

Here are some beautiful wedding flower designs from the most popular wedding flowers in Sydney suppliers.

>> More info on this wedding supplier.

>> More info on this wedding supplier.

>> More info on this wedding supplier.

>> More info on this wedding supplier.

>> More info on this wedding supplier.

>> More info on this wedding supplier.

>> More info on this wedding supplier.

>> More info on this wedding supplier.

>> More info on this wedding supplier.

>> More info on this wedding supplier.

>> More info on this wedding supplier.

>> More info on this wedding supplier.

>> More info on this wedding supplier.

For more great wedding flower ideas, check out the Wedding Florists page for the complete list of Wedding NSW’s wedding flower suppliers. 

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💐 16 Popular Sydney Wedding Florists

Sydney Wedding Florists

Find your perfect wedding flowers on Wedding NSW. From classic formal bouquets to boho chic and affordable artificial flowers here’s our list of the best Sydney wedding florists. Browse looks, styles, packages and more for the ultimate wedding bouquet inspiration.


Shop for gorgeous, but affordable, artificial wedding flowers and more on iWed.

>> More info
>> Website


With over 12 years’ working in the wedding industry Florisian Floral Design’s passion is high! They absolutely adore wedding flowers and love creating stunning floral displays to capture your wedding vision and dream. 

>> More info
>> Website


For over 35 years Susan Avery and her team have been known and trusted as Australia’s best floral decorators. They are on trend and have a luxurious, glamorous approach. They will create an elegant, unforgettable wedding experience for you – from classically beautiful through to a modern or contemporary look. 

>> More info
>> Website


The Flower Cottage’s arrangements have been described as something out of a renaissance painting. Whimsical, romantic and wild in spirit. All designs are curated to truly fit every client’s unique style and bring a touch of magic to your special day. 

>> More info
>> Website


Ivy Lane Collective are always looking for new ideas and ways to push the bar. Whilst still keeping up those classic and elegant looks we all love and are so timeless.

>> More info
>> Website


Best Buds Florist have an experienced team of Senior wedding florists – with a combined experience of 50 years in the wedding industry. They believe it is this experience which sets them apart from other florists. Interwoven are the technical skills of colour matching, knowing floral seasonality and the unteachable quality of creativity which comes from experience and natural flair. 

>> More info
>> Website


Eflowers-Sydney has been established over 25 years  with great success with stunning weddings and beautiful comments over the years. The gorgeous vintage and rustic look can take your breath away. By styling and giving each wedding an amazing look all with stunning blooms and lush greenery and awesome work in the design.

>> More info
>> Website


Jewel Phon Flowers work closely with you and select only the freshest flowers, best decor and styling items to celebrate and showcase your event. Whether it’s a wedding, engagement, kitchen tea or corporate event, they are always striving to create an atmosphere and styling that will make your event memorable.

>> More info
>> Website


Silk Dreams Flowers use only the highest quality artificial flowers to create custom designed bouquets. They have a variety of packages and a huge range of flowers and colours to choose from. 

>> More info
>> Website


Rosa’s Roses aim for absolute perfection and professionalism. Using only the freshest quality blooms to compliment their creative, elegant and artistic designs. They have gained a very high reputation as being one of Australia’s top floral designers and decorators.

>> More info
>> Website


The innovative staff at Beecroft Flower Shop can provide you with ideas to help make your important wedding flower decisions that much easier. They will show you several alternatives and totally put your mind at ease when choosing your flowers.

>> More info
>> Website


Floriade has been open for business for over twenty years. Their shop in Mosman village quickly gained a reputation as a popular Sydney wedding florist. They are well known for creating treasured memories and high quality flowers.

>> More info
>> Website


Diane’s Floral Occasions offer a creative floral design service dedicated to providing a personalised service of the highest standards in exceptional flowers for weddings and special events. They can accommodate all kinds of budgets and co-ordinate packages tailored to suit your individual needs.

>> More info
>> Website


The Sweet Art stylists specialise in creating atmosphere, synergy and beauty.. through the co-ordination of colours and styles adding to the perfect theme of the day. From corporate table centrepieces to wedding bouquets, the Sweet Art team will design and realise anything from the most intimate to the most spectacular arrangements.

>> More info
>> Website


Enclose your precious wedding flowers in a gorgeous crystal clear orb from Everafter. Beautiful hand crafted orbs are a gorgeous jewel of your lifetime. Each and every orb is a unique bespoke design that is preserved forever.

>> More info
>> Website

Check out the Flowers page for the complete list of Wedding NSW’s wedding florist suppliers.

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