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We provide professional cameras for you to hire at your special event. You and your guests can capture special memories in your own unique way.

Remember when disposable cameras were at events?
Our service is the same principal but using professional cameras with a lot more extra benefits. Instead of your guests using their phones with bad quality and you not getting all of the photos or all you guest queuing up to use a Photo Booth, let them have fun and interact with each other using the DIY Photographer Services professional cameras.

DIY Photographer Services drop of the cameras to the event then pick them up when the event is finished. The cameras come with easy to use instruction. After the event all your photos taken will be delivered via Dropbox in Hi-Res within 24 hours. Our cameras are great quality hold up to 8000 photos with video options and are so easy to use. Your guest will be able to incorporate style and personality into the pictures.

We believe anyone can be a photographer you just need the right equipment. It’s unique, fun, interactive and affordable.

DIY Photographer Services
DIY Photographer Services
DIY Photographer Services
DIY Photographer Services

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