Your first dance should be memorable and emotionally touching. Historically, the first dance is symbolic of the consummation of the wedding vows and marks your first cooperative engagement and joint endeavor. When the bride accepts her dance with the groom, she accepts him for the rest of her life. The frame and posture of the groom when he proposes the dance to the bride speak of the source of strength, love, companionship, and guidance he offers his bride.

The first dance has continued throughout history as one of the most important facets of the wedding day. It is the moment when the Bride and the Groom put on a show in front of the guests, and everybody’s eyes will be on them.

We cater for all types of personalities and styles, and make you look good and shine on the dance floor while dancing to your favourite music. This is the time when you express the love and affection towards each other through art. What’s most exciting in this life than being able to put feelings in the form of art?

We could design from simple choreographies to more difficult depending on the time that you want to put into it. A minimum of 3 lessons are required in order to learn a basic routine.

If you’re unsure of the style of dance that you would like to learn, you can leave it up to us. We can structure the dance according to your skills and personality.

“Cristina is a fantastic dance teacher. In just 3 lessons she taught us a beautiful routine and had us really excited about dancing at our wedding. She catered the routine to our skill level so we would feel comfortable on the day, and was really encouraging throughout the lessons. We would definitely recommend Cristina to anyone who wanted to learn to dance.”
Jen and Steve

Sydney Dance Rhythms
Sydney Dance Rhythms

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