👰 10 Things Every Sydney Bride Needs to Know to Plan the Best Wedding in Sydney (2024)

1. Wedding dresses can take a long time to arrive

Make sure you start looking for your wedding dress at least four to eight months prior to your wedding day.

2. Schedule trials for everything beauty related

The last thing an Sydney Bride needs is crazy eye-brow’s, hair colour disaster, or make-up that they hate. If you’re using a hairdresser, makeup-artist or beautician for the first time, make sure you schedule a trial. Allow enough time for any mistakes or disappointments to grow back or be rectified.

3. Ask your suppliers if they have other bookings on your wedding day

Feel comfortable that they’ll be able to accommodate your needs if any other wedding or event has delays. Do they have enough time between commitments?

4. Ask your suppliers if they have a backup plan in the event of sickness or other emergency

What will they do if they are ill on your wedding day or there is a family (or other) emergency?

5. Get a good night’s sleep the night before

No Sydney Bride ever wanted a hangover on her wedding day! Schedule your ceremony rehearsal, hens’ party, catch-up with interstate friends and relatives either a couple of days before your wedding, or in the days after.

6. Something will go wrong on your wedding day

Have a list of suppliers and their contact number and give to a member of your bridal party, relative or close friend. Make sure they have their mobile phone with them on your wedding day.

7. Prepare an emergency kit

Make sure you prepare an emergency kit and give it to a member of the bridal party or a close family member or friend. Include paracetamol, tampons, band aids, mints, lip-gloss, comb, etc. Guy’s pockets can also be great for this! Give your Dad your lippy! Also make sure you have water available for the bridal party throughout the day.

8. Delegate tasks on your wedding day

Sydney Brides should enjoy their wedding day! Delegate tasks to family and friends. Ask someone to collect the cards on the night and put them somewhere safe so they are not left around and forgotten or stolen. Let family or friends know if they can take home table centrepieces or decorations. Have someone nominated to take photos, be in charge of the guest-book, etc on the day.

9. Schedule some time-out after your ceremony

Enjoy being newly married! Have a bit to eat and enjoy each other’s company in between photo sessions and greeting guests at your reception. Also make time to share a special moment with those close to you.

10. Sydney Bride name change tips

If you’re planning on changing your name, make sure all of your honeymoon reservations are made in your new name. You’ll also need a new passport if heading overseas. Also, sometimes when checking in or collection tickets you’ll need to present the credit card used for purchase, so you might need to travel with cards in your Maiden and Married names.

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💕 How to Plan a Wedding in Sydney (2024)

13 Easy Steps to Planning a Wedding

How to plan a wedding in Sydney. Wedding NSW walks you through 13 easy steps to planning a fabulous wedding in Sydney and New South Wales.

Are you looking for the perfect Sydney wedding coordinator/planner? Look no further than Wedding NSW! We have been helping couples plan their dream weddings for over 20 years, and we know what it takes to create a truly unforgettable day. We offer a comprehensive range of tools, from image galleries and real weddings for initial inspiration, budgeting tips and articles with unique ideas, through to info on Sydney’s best wedding suppliers. Browse sample packages, special offers and more. We make it easy for you to create a personalised Sydney wedding that fits your unique style and budget. Find the best vendors for your wedding and know that your wedding day will be amazing, from start to finish. Follow our social channels for all the latest tips, specials, offers, and open day info. We look forward to helping you make your Sydney wedding fabulous! xx

1. Enjoy being engaged!

Be in the moment and enjoy this special time together. Start storyboarding your ideal Sydney wedding day. Discuss it together. What do you picture? Casual or Black Tie? Rustic or Fairy tale? Local or Destination? Wedding NSW has real weddings you can browse for inspo.

2. Tell your family and friends

Announce your engagement and discuss your wedding plans with your family and friends. Find out if any VIPs (parents, potential bridal party members) have commitments that would rule out certain dates for people you really want attending your wedding in Sydney.

3. Decide on the style of wedding

Your Sydney wedding style will narrow your venue choice. Sydney wedding venues often book many months, or years in advance. Once you have your wedding style, then it becomes easier to pick your venue. The most popular styles are:
Fairytale = city ballroom
Rustic = country or winery
Beach = coastal or water views
DIY = community hall, sporting venue, private home
Destination = somewhere with great views and accommodation.
Check out the Wedding NSW venues or catering companies and make some enquiries as to availability and pricing.

4. Set your budget

Once you’ve received info on potential wedding venues in Sydney, you can think about your budget. Talk to your parents and see if they plan on contributing towards your wedding. Think about how much you can save and afford to spend on your wedding. You might like to open a separate account for wedding savings and spending. Once you have a rough budget you can consider how many people you can afford to have at each venue. Of course, it’s also an option to ask people to donate cash in lieu of a gift to help off-set the cost. Wedding NSW has a budget planner you can download to help you out.

5. Start booking!

Typically it is the reception venue selection that sets the date. Then couples consider their ceremony location – which may be at the same place. Wedding NSW has some great ceremony venues to consider – gardens, beaches and churches.

6. Photographers, video and cars!

Wedding photographers and cars can also be booked out many months, or years in advance. Don’t forget a video! Many couples skip the video, but it’s an gorgeous way to relive the forgotten or never seen moments. Have a browse through Wedding NSW to find your preferred suppliers.

7. Celebrant

Your choice of celebrant can make or break your ceremony. Meet with a few and make sure they make you feel relaxed and confident. This will help with any nerves on the day.

8. Flowers, Decoration, Decor, Hire, Cake

What are you going to need to make your Sydney wedding venue fabulous? Do you need to hire chairs and crockery for a DIY wedding? Will you have floral arbors and centerpieces? Some venue packages will include decorations – check what is included – it may be centerpieces, chair covers, etc. They may also include a wedding cake.

Consider a floral theme – it could be colour or style based. Remember that you’ll be holding your bouquet throughout the ceremony and photos – they can get heavy!

Will your wedding cake be used as dessert? This will determine what size your bakery will recommend. You can also get different tiers with different flavours! Heavenly! xx

9. Music and Entertainment

Musicians at your ceremony can set a lovely mood for your wedding. The entertainment options are endless – DJ, swing band, jazz singers, band. Photobooths can be fun too!

10. You!

What are you going to look like and wear at your wedding? Browse through the Wedding NSW fashion, hair and makeup, and rings and jewellery sections for inspo and amazing Sydney wedding suppliers.

11. Guest list and bridal party

Work out your guest list. Select your bridal party. It can be less stressful to select your bridal party closer to your wedding date, eg 3 months before. It’s easier to not select someone, than have to un-select them. Wedding NSW has a guest list and seating planner you can download to help you out.

Invitations! Send out invitations for your hens or bucks party, and then the wedding. Typically Sydney wedding invitations are sent 3 months in advance. Although this is flexible, and sometimes a save-the-date is important especially for friends or family that might need to travel a long way, arrange time off work, or save up to attend!

12. Honeymoon

Yay! This can be any time you like. Soon after your Sydney wedding day, or some time later. Many travel agents offer a honeymoon registry and can be an easy, but fabulous gift from your guests. If you are planning on changing your name, ensure you have your passport and travel documents in the same name! It might also be necessary to have a credit card in this name too, especially when confirming bookings or collecting tickets.

13. The last details

Maybe you’re looking for something unique to finish off the day? Or a dance studio to WOW your guests with a special routine? A thank-you gift for your bridal party and / guests is often nice too.

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💕 Best Sydney Wedding Business Advertising (2024)

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Wedding NSW is an affordable way to get your business in front of couples planning weddings! Our website traffic growth is simply amazing as couples are planning weddings for 2024 and beyond! Wedding NSW can help make sure your Sydney wedding business is visible to Sydney couples when planning their wedding day in Sydney and throughout New South Wales.

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Get in touch today to discuss your wedding business advertising needs.
We look forward to working with you.

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What are the Different Types of Wedding Veils?

There are many different types of wedding veils, each with its own unique look and feel. When choosing a wedding veil, it is important to consider the style of your wedding dress, your personal style, and the formality of the event.

What are the different types of wedding veils?

Here are a few of the most popular types:

Cathedral veil: This is the longest type of veil, and it can reach all the way to the floor. It is often worn with a ball gown or princess-style wedding dress.

Chapel veil: This veil is shorter than a cathedral veil, and it falls just below the waist. It is a popular choice for brides who want a more traditional look.

Birdcage veil: This veil is short and sheer, and it has a net that covers the face. It is often worn with a strapless or sweetheart neckline dress.

Mantilla veil: This veil is made of lace or tulle, and it is edged with a border. It is often worn by brides who are of Spanish or Portuguese descent.

French veil: This veil is made of tulle, and it has a scalloped edge. It is a popular choice for brides who want a romantic look.

Edge-to-edge veil: This veil is made of tulle or lace, and it covers the face and the shoulders. It is often worn with a strapless or sweetheart neckline dress.

Half-veil: This veil is shorter than a full-length veil, and it covers the face and the shoulders. It is often worn with a strapless or sweetheart neckline dress.

Tiara veil: This veil is attached to a tiara, and it is often worn with a ball gown or princess-style wedding dress.

Headpiece veil: This veil is attached to a headpiece, and it can be worn with any type of wedding dress.

Why do brides wear a veil?

There are many reasons why brides wear veils. Some of the most common reasons include:

• To symbolize modesty and purity.
• To represent the bride’s transition from a single woman to a married woman.
• To protect the bride from evil spirits.
• To add a touch of mystery and romance to the wedding ceremony.
• To honour a family tradition.

The tradition of wearing a veil dates back to ancient times. In some cultures, the veil was believed to protect the bride from evil spirits. In other cultures, the veil was a symbol of the bride’s modesty and purity. Today, the veil is often worn as a way to add a touch of romance and mystery to the wedding ceremony. It can also be a way to honour a family tradition.

Does a bride need to wear a veil?

No, a bride does not need to wear a veil. It is a traditional piece of wedding attire, but it is not required. Some brides choose to wear a veil because it makes them feel beautiful and special, while others choose not to wear one because they do not feel comfortable in it or they do not want to follow tradition. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to wear a veil is up to the bride.

Can I make my own wedding veil?

Yes, you can make your own wedding veil. There are many tutorials available online that can show you how to do it. You will need to purchase some materials, such as tulle, lace, and ribbon. You will also need to have a sewing machine and some basic sewing skills.
Here are some tips for making your own wedding veil:

Choose the right fabric. Tulle is a popular choice for wedding veils, but you can also use lace or other fabrics.

Decide on the style of veil you want. There are many different styles of wedding veils, so choose one that you like and that will complement your wedding dress.

Measure your head carefully. This will ensure that the veil fits you properly.

Be patient and take your time. Making a wedding veil can be a time-consuming project, so be patient and take your time.

Ask for help if you need it. If you are not comfortable sewing, you can ask a friend or family member to help you.

With a little planning and effort, you can make your own beautiful wedding veil.

For more Sydney wedding veil inspiration and ideas check out the Bridal Dress section of Wedding NSW.

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How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

The best wedding vows are the ones that are personal and meaningful to the couple. They should reflect the couple’s love for each other and their commitment to a lifetime together.

How to write your own wedding vows

  1. Start by thinking about what you want to say.

    What are the things that are most important to you in your relationship? What are the qualities that you love most about your partner?

  2. Once you have a general idea of what you want to say, start writing.

    Don’t worry about making it perfect at first, just get your thoughts down on paper.

  3. Once you have a draft, go back and edit it.

    Make sure that your vows are clear and concise, and that they express your feelings in a way that is true to you.

  4. Practice saying your vows out loud.

    This will help you to feel more comfortable saying them on your wedding day.

  5. On your wedding day, take a deep breath and relax.

    Remember that your vows are a reflection of your love for your partner, so speak from the heart.

What are some tips for writing your own wedding vows?

Be honest and sincere. Your vows should be a reflection of your true feelings for your partner.

Be specific. Don’t just say “I love you.” Talk about the specific things that you love about your partner.

Be personal. Avoid clichés and generic phrases. Make your vows unique to your relationship.

Be positive. Your vows should be a celebration of your love, not a list of your partner’s flaws.

Be brief. Your vows should be short and to the point. You don’t want to bore your guests or make them feel uncomfortable.

Be prepared to cry. It’s perfectly normal to get emotional when you’re saying your vows.
Have fun! This is a special day, so enjoy it!

What are the best wedding vows?

Some examples of good wedding vows include:

“I promise to love you unconditionally, to always be there for you, and to cherish our relationship for the rest of my life.”

“I promise to be your best friend, your partner in crime, and the love of your life. I will always be there for you, through good times and bad. I love you more than words can say.”

“I promise to always put you first, to make you laugh, and to make you feel loved every day. You are my everything, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Ultimately, the best wedding vows are the ones that come from the heart.

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