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Bucks Paintball Sydney

Adrenaline-junkies listen up. We’ve got just the thing for you. Test your stealth, aim and courage with a ‘friendly’ game of paintball with your buddies – because let’s admit it, we all feel like belting our mates with a paintball or two, every now or then. It’s all in good nature, of course.

While paintballing is often rolled out as the go-to team bonding activity in plenty of corporate workplaces, it’s far a far cry from many of the group morale exercises you’ve probably come across in the past. In fact, we’d go as far as to say it’s one of our favourite pastimes.

And it looks like we’re not alone in our thinking either. We recently caught up with our good friends over at Wicked Bucks, who’ve organised more bucks’ parties than we’ve had cooked dinners. Over the years, they’ve put together celebrations for dudes from all walks of life and they’ve picked up plenty of tips and tricks to ensure every party goes down in history as a time to remember – for all the right reasons.

Through every party they’ve put together, bucks paintballing in Sydney has always been an absolute crowd favourite. Equal parts fun and painful, these sessions are the best way for guys to put their computer gaming skills to the test as they duck, weave, defend and attack opponents in a realistic feeling battlefield. For anyone heading to Sydney for their buck’s getaway, the Wicked Bucks team has found the perfect place. This site is the real deal, and comes with all the equipment, accessories and extras needed for players to put their best foot forward.

Having got you packing your bags and booking your ticket already? The team has gone ahead and put together their top five reasons why you should lock in paintballing for your buck day. If these excuses aren’t enough to get you over the line, we’re not quite sure what will!

Reasons to go Paintballing in Sydney for your Bucks Day

1. Get competitive

Ask any mother, sister, girlfriend, wife or even friend – guys are competitive. From the very first moment they can walk and talk, most dudes are keen to prove they’ve got what it takes to beat everyone else. Or at least their closest buddies. When you’ve finally managed to round up all the lads at the one time for your buck’s party, you’re going to want to use this opportunity to show everyone who rules the roost.

Paintballing on a bucks weekend is the best way to get your adrenaline flowing and prove all those hours spent with a controller in your hand, weren’t a waste. It might not be Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty, but it’s as close as you’re going to get to feeling like you’re right in the thick of the action – without putting yourself at risk. It’s also a super safe and seriously fun way to determine who is shouting the first round of beers for everyone later that night.

2. Enjoy quality bonding time

As the years go by and more of your mates start to settle down, it becomes increasingly challenging to get everyone together. Now that another member of the group has sealed the deal with the partner of his dreams, we think you’ve got the perfect excuse to call everyone up for some quality time together. And what better way to enjoy each other’s company than with a few hours running wild on the paintballing field?

Split into a team and go head-to-head against each other, and you’re guaranteed to walk away with a whole new depth to your relationship. While paintballing on a bucks brings out the most competitive side of people, it also surfaces a stack of comradery and a great sense of teamwork. Once the game wraps up, you’ll also have plenty of memories to look back on – and a whole heap of moments to laugh about too.

3. A full-body workout

For most guys heading away for a buck’s party, exercise isn’t the first priority. But between all the beers that will be consumed and the volume of food you’ll probably eat, it’s a pretty nice feeling to get your body moving too. And it turns out paintballing is a surprisingly good workout. Between running across the field, dodging your opponents and diving for cover, you’re likely to work up a pretty good sweat while you’re out in the field.

Don’t let that scare you off though! Bucks paintballing is as hard as you make it for yourself. If you’re not keen on getting hot, turning as red as a beetroot and testing your own limits, you can take things a little easier too. The beauty of this option is that it’s an activity every can get involved with – regardless of age, experience or fitness level.

4. Embrace the outdoors

There is a reason why hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe make their way to Sydney every year. Simply put, the city is stunning. From the glorious days of sunshine to the balmy summer afternoons, it’s an outdoor mecca for nature enthusiasts. And paintballing is one of the best ways to embrace this beautiful setting. If you can take your eyes off the field and your opponents for long enough, you’ll be treated to some pretty impressive scenery. These are the sorts of views that will stay with you long after you head back home, so you definitely won’t want to miss out.

5. Let off some steam

Old mate Johnny’s jokes may have been funny the first-time round, but they’re starting to get a little dry on the 18th roll out of the same punchline. Rather than taking it up with him and causing a fuss, why not use paintballing to let off that steam? From the moment you get hold of the paintball gun and the hooter sounds for your first game, we can guarantee that all those petty concerns will be well out of your head. You’ll walk away feeling so much more refreshed too – which is the ideal way to set the tone for an epic night to follow.