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What makes a great wedding celebrant?
There are 8,000+ Marriage Celebrants in Australia. All have different levels of skill, experience and service. If you don’t have the bonus of knowing a great Wedding Celebrant, it can be hard to know what to look for, let alone who to hire.

Angela Finn has found that there are certain skills and personality traits consistent with most of the successful Wedding Celebrants in the industry. Here is her list of 7 traits that she believes are found in great Wedding Celebrants.

  • 1. They seriously know how important your wedding day is to you
  • 2. They’re awesome presenters
  • 3. They know how to create unforgettable moments
  • 4. They value collaboration
  • 5. They’re fun and creative
  • 6. They’re more than willing to help you
  • 7. And, they’re really good at creating an awesome atmosphere

Posted on 08 Mar 2016 by WeddingNSW
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